Five Minutes

I think it’s safe to say that my life plans change every five minutes or so.


One minute, I think I have things all figured out. Then five minutes later, a new opportunity presents itself, and another door is closed. My life is a bit all over the place right now as I’m currently throwing around the some ideas:


  • Should I stay in Orlando?
  • If so… I need roommates. Living alone is $$$$$$$$$$$$.
  • Should I go to graduate school? ($$$$)
  • If so, how can I afford it? ($$$$)
  • If not… can I find a job?
  • Where is this job going to be?
  • Should I move back to Tampa with my dad?
  • Should I move to NC with my mom?
  • Blah, blah… you get the idea.


Too bad everything revolves around $$$ or my choices would be much easier.


I’m trying to be as flexible as possible since everything is so un-planned right now. I have a back-up plan, but I’m waiting for my “plan A” to unfold. Does that make any sense?


I’ve been on a salad kick lately, I think it has something to do with my desire to stuff as many fruits and vegetables into my body as it will allow. I have been feeling a little down about this whole, “my-life-is-so-unstable” thing — maintaining my healthy habits provides some sort of normalcy.


My newest favorite: The Five minute salad.




I call it this because even if I change my mind every five minutes, there is something in this salad that will appeal to me at all times.




It includes:

  • spinach
  • romaine
  • leftover chicken
  • leftover Trader Joes’s Grain Blend
  • corn
  • snap peas
  • broccoli
  • red pepper
  • carrots




No salad is complete without amazing dressing. That is why Trader Joe’s Tuscan Italian makes its way onto almost every salad. Unless I use the beloved poppy seed. Sorry Poppy, Tuscan Italian won this battle.




There are so many ways to make a salad, and usually it always turns out well! I’m kind of feeling that way about life right now. I have so many choices, and they all seem so great!


Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one graduating “without a plan.” I know this cannot possibly be the case.


❤ MegaNerd

Something About Summer

I’m what you could call anti-Florida. I HATE hot weather.


Summer is my least favorite season, which happens to last for at least six sticky months in Central Florida. Blah. Maybe it would be better if I lived on a beach?


There is one thing that I do love about summer, fresh salads, and sweet fruit!




Something about having a light salad towered with fruit makes me happy.


I brought lunch to work today (what am I saying… I do EVERY day!) but I was really looking forward to eating today’s meal!


My summer salad included:

  • spring mix
  • honey maple boar’s head brand turkey
  • strawberries
  • mandarin oranges
  • pink lady apple
  • almonds (buried)
  • poppyseed dressing


I’m a die-hard fan of the Trader Joe’s Poppyseed dressing, but I ran out. I picked up this generic store brand (Publix) and it was actually really good!






Seriously, one of my favorite meals! It satisfies my sweet tooth, and yet it’s packed with good-for-you ingredients!




I came home from my eleven hour work day completed wiped out. I spent another two hours doing homework. I haven’t really touched my school stuff since summer classes began 3 weeks ago. I have been so focused on working and looking for a job that I forgot that I have to actually graduate. Oops.


I ended my hectic day with a glass two glasses of Trader Joe’s HoneyMoon wine.




I’m off to bed, even though it’s not even 9:00pm yet. I’m wiped out!


❤ MegaNerd