Books and Bowls

Look what I found!




While out running errands on Friday, I spotted Caitlin’s book: Operation Beautiful! I’m pretty sure I screamed when I saw this sitting on the shelf, “MY BFF wrote this!”


I started reading the first chapter, and so far it is absolutely amazing. I am so proud of my friend for her accomplishments, and for continuing to inspire others. I can’t wait to read more!


The book officially comes out on August 3, but for some reason I was able to find it early at Borders.





On Friday morning, I treated myself to a new kind of breakfast. I was out of fresh fruit (only frozen) and decided to try something new.


Smoothie in a bowl + Cereal:




In a blender, I combined:

  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 5 frozen strawberries


On top, I added some Kashi Crisp cereal. Light, refreshing, cold, and crunchy. What could possibly be a better summer combination?


I loved it so much, that I tried another version of the smoothie for dessert last night: with white chocolate chips! It was an extremely healthy ice-cream treat alternative.




Have you tried a smoothie in a bowl? What would be your choice of toppings?

❤ MegaNerd

The Fiddler’s Green

Even though I have lived in Orlando for 5 years, I’m always discovering places I haven’t been before!




Debbie and Mike have been talking about the Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub pretty much since I have known them! Since they are on vacation and have limited time in Orlando, I let them decide what things they missed the most, and the Irish pub was number one on the list!




I started out with a Shocktop Beer.




Mike ordered appetizers for the table: Potato Pancakes with cheddar, and wings!

IMG_0642 IMG_0641


I haven’t ever tried a potato pancake before, but to me it just tasted like hashbrowns in a new form.


For dinner, I ordered a Burger! I haven’t had one since my post-marathon meal and thought it sounded good for some odd reason. I eat beef probably only once a year because I don’t like it all that much.


This burger was HUGE! As in… I could have easily split this burger with my girl friends Debbie and Joanna. We each ordered one and ate less than half.




It was a really fun place to hang out!


After dinner, we went to Jeremiah’s Italian Ice for some Cake Batter flavored ice, but my camera died! I had to take a picture with my iPhone, but it didn’t turn out since it was dark outside.


Just know that it was delicious!


I went to bed with a bit of a tummy ache. My stomach isn’t used to eating so much grease in one sitting! YIKES! I had to head to bed early because I was almost doubled over. 😦



Debbie and I woke up before the boys got out of bed to meet her friend Joanna for a run. Luckily, I was feeling much better when I got up and was able to complete a 4.0 mile run in 42:51.



Debbie and I were talking about how this run, which is now considered moderately tough, used to be soooo easy for us. It’s amazing how marathon training skews your perception of what is easy!


I was excited to serve Debbie my favorite breakfast ever:




Kashi heart to heart, peanut butter, banana, and milk.




We are off to tackle our day. Some more friends are flying in tonight, and I’m going to have six guests in my one bedroom 600 square feet apartment… it’s going to be crowded but fun!


❤ MegaNerd