Running Shoes are for Skipping

I’ve been meaning to get new running shoes for a while. I finally sucked it up and ordered a new pair. After all, I haven’t actually worn new shoes since…um, Christmas.




I know, I know. You’re supposed to change them out every 500 miles, or 3-4 months depending on how much you use them.


Being the frugal girl that I am, I hate spending money unless it’s absolutely necessary. Especially to drop $100 on SHOES! However, during this past weekend’s 15k race, my knees began to hurt after only 4.0 miles. I’m talking MAJOR pain. I knew immediately that the old shoes were the culprit. I had felt this exact pain during the Disney marathon and I knew the solution.


NEW SHOES! My legs have been begging for these.




I purchased my third pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10. I absolutely LOVE them. I have yet to get one blister from them, and they are one of the few shoes that come in a narrow width. (If I wear regular width my feet blister like crazy.)


Today was another looooong day at work. I worked two jobs today, which left no time/energy for running. At least I got to enjoy the fresh air and get paid at the same time! Perhaps I will get a run in tomorrow morning?




I found another good use for the shoes: skipping to the park with a four-and-a-half-year-old! (Job #2 = Babysitting a few times a week)




We stopped to enjoy the wildlife. She called it “mama kitty.” She always brings a smile to my face. 🙂




It was already dark by the time I got home, and way past my normal dinner hour. I made an easy combo that never fails:




Sweet potato + baked beans:




Side salad with tomatoes and feta:




Whew. I’m exhausted. Time for sleep!


Are you loyal to your favorite running shoe? I used to be an Asics girl, and now I’m all about the Brooks!


❤ MegaNerd