Procrastinating and Cheap Eats

This weekend is going to be a KILLER study weekend. I have two finals Monday and a project due, but I just couldn’t get focused on a Friday night!


I did everything I could to avoid the dreaded task of studying…


I did Laundry.




I made a smoothie.




I baked chocolate peanut butter cookies.




I ate the cookies.




I updated my ABOUT page…




..and added a RACE RECAP page [to the blog.]


Once I had nothing left to do, I invited Mark over for dinner. Did you actually think I was going to say I studied tonight? HA! Procrastinating is a skill.


Our new favorite meal is based on the epic sweet potato + baked beans combo.




Along with it, we had corn on the cob…



…and steamed broccoli.



Seriously, if you have not tried this combination you are missing out! It is SO cheap and healthy.




Mark figured out that it cost $2.12 for each plate of food. Perfect for tight college budgets!


I’m off to do some more procrastinating. 😀


Happy Friday!


❤ MegaNerd