Good morning!


I felt extra awake this morning, which was shocking considering I spent ALL day on campus for classes, a test, a lab, and a club meeting. I was gone from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm!


Instead of using my extra 20 minutes for laying in bed wide awake, I jumped on the bike trainer.




I got in a super quick cardio workout! I took my heart rate monitor out of retirement to get an idea of how hard I was working.


Bike Stats:

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Average Heart Rate: 137 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 159 bpm
  • Calories burned: 150


A couple readers asked about my indoor bicycle trainer last week. It was my Christmas present from my parents, so I really had no idea how to answer your questions like where I bought it and how much it cost.


I did some research (Googled it) and found my trainer. I have the Bell Motivator indoor trainer, which you can find here.




I love it!


It is super easy to use, and requires no assembly. I literally popped it out of the box, unfolded it, and hooked my bike in. It takes about 30 seconds to set up.




It is quite easy to put the bike in and out. There are two clamps that you set the bike into and twist to tighten. It feels very sturdy.




The back wheel rests on the resistance magnet at the bottom which might need adjusting for your particular bike, but once that’s set, your bike will go in and out without much fuss. The front wheel just rests on the floor, or you can purchase  block to set it on ( I do not have one).


The magnetic resistance piece can be tightened or loosened to adjust the level of difficulty you are looking for.




The only downside is that it sounds like a muffled vacuum cleaner. It can get loud if you pedal SUPER fast, but not if you are pedaling at a decent cadence. Just in case this helps make it more clear, I can hear the tv over the bike trainer without turning it up.


If you are into biking, looking for a form of cross training, trying to not leave your house in the cold of winter, or just find biking fun, I would recommend looking into a trainer. This is the only one I have ever tried, and I am sure there are better ones out there. I’m very happy with it, though!


Feel free to ask any questions about it!




Typing all of this out worked up an appetite! I was craving a hot breakfast. It is still SO COLD in Florida! I am used to the weather cycling back and forth. We have had close to freezing temperatures for weeks now! So much for global warming.


I made a delicious bowl of oatmeal. I haven’t had oats since my birthday! I have missed them.




My bowl included:

  • 1/2 cup oatmeal
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 TBL flax
  • 1 tsp brown sugar (love it.)
  • banana
  • almonds and walnuts


I love eating super healthy and filling breakfasts. They make me feel better about my morning.


❤ MegaNerd


Note: Just so this is clear, no one is paying me to say that I like this product (The Bell Motivator). I just happen to enjoy it and want to share it with my readers.

Pomegranate Pancakes

This morning I woke up determined to get out on my bike.


It’s been way too long since I took good ole’ RED out for a spin. In fact, the last time I rode  was with Kelly on our crazy 50 mile adventure!

My bike has been sitting on the patio so lonely. I spent part of yesterday afternoon fixing the tubes and reattaching the chain.

I rode a typical running route..


It felt so good to get outside. The weather is in the mid-low seventies, and it feels amazing!


It was a leisurely bike ride:

  • Distance: 10.0 miles
  • Time: 42:49
  • Average Speed: 14.0 miles/hour
  • Average HR: 146 bpm

Before I left, I ate a quick snack:


When I returned, I made a REAL breakfast. I saw Caitlin make pomegranate pancakes, and I have been dying to try them!

We’re all out of eggs, so I decided to give the “flax egg” a try.


For one egg:

  • 1 TBL Flax
  • 3 TBL Warm Water

Mix!! It was so easy, and I couldn’t even tell a difference in the taste of the pancakes (although I’m used to flax).


I mixed the pomegranates into the batter, poured them onto the skillet…


…and let them do their pancake thing.


I enjoyed four pancakes out on the patio, with maple syrup on top. 😀


Chomp. The pomegranate arils added a nice crunch!

Off to work on school stuff again today! I’m working hard this weekend, so I can have fun in New Jersey next weekend!

Happy Sunday!

❤ MegaNerd

Just Another Friday

Today has been a very productive Friday! I’m hoping to continue this through the weekend… I have so much to get done.

I broke from my project when JasoNerd texted me to meet him for lunch. He works at the airport, which you have to go through security to get into, so he NEVER leaves for lunch. I’m not even sure if he eats… poor thing.

It made my day to see him randomly! 😀


[insert pic of Jason’s smiling face here… he’s camera shy]


We met at Panera Bread for a quick bite. I ordered the you-pick-two combo, which I love because you get to try more than one thing!


I had a cup of the Garden veggie soup


…and a “half” Fuji Apple Chicken salad, that could have easily been a meal in itself. It was HUGE!


The salad included:

  • All-natural citrus-herb chicken
  • mixed field greens
  • romaine lettuce
  • vine-ripened tomatoes
  • red onions
  • pecans
  • Gorgonzola
  • apple chips
  • white balsamic apple vinaigrette

SO good. I ate EVERY last bite!


This afternoon consisted of…

  • More Design Project


  • Tons of Laundry


  • Tangerines (x2)


  • Choco-walla bar– I really liked it!


  • Two Candy Corn Kisses



By 6:00 pm I was so sick of sitting I decided to head to the gym for a quick run bike ride. I tried to work a little bit harder this time, but I’m not sure that I did…

  • Time: 30:00 minutes
  • Average Heart Rate: 127 bpm
  • Max Heart Rate: 153 bpm
  • Calories burned: 175

It felt great to move my legs! I wonder how they will feel in 6 days, when I can run again?!



I really wanted to do something different for dinner tonight. I saw Tina make a sausage, spinach, and provolone pizza the other night, and really wanted to try it out. Luckily, we had everything in the freezer/fridge to make it!

We used Naan as the crust of our pizzas. I topped mine with 1.5 slices of provolone cheese…


…and a sautéed organic chicken sausage (Greenwise/Publix Brand), two handfuls of spinach, and half a small yellow onion.

Nom. Nom.


Jason took the picture, clearly he thought his pepperoni man pizza deserved center stage.

I ate half of my pizza, since it’s already SO late (10:30 pm) and I do not need a full pizza in my tummy before bed!


However,  cup of hot cocoa never hurts. 😉


My alarm is set for 5:00 am. I’m taking pictures of my running buddy Caitlin at her half marathon tomorrow! I’ll be sure to post plenty of pictures in the morning.


I’m excited to be a spectator in a sport I usually always participate it. Good night! 😀

❤ MegaNerd

You Spin My Head Right Round…

This morning, my sister and I decided to do something new!

We took a spinning class at UCF!


Before I left for my 7:30 am class, I had a stabilizing breakfast. I used this container of pomegranate berry yogurt as the base of my meal.


I combined strawberries, yogurt, and a cup of Kashi Go Lean cereal:


My sister came along with me to my 7:30 am class since we were heading to the gym on campus for spinning. She found college classes “so boring” and is glad that she is in school to cut hair and not to become an engineer. We are such opposites!!

Brielle and I split a pumpkin pie Kashi bar on our 0.5 mile walk to the gym.


I haven’t used the on campus gym at UCF in over a year! I always use the one at my apartment, or lift weights at home. It’s quite a nice facility, which I obviously don’t take advantage of.


We got to the 10:15 am class a bit early to make sure we would get bikes. It was a nice surprise to see Sarah as our teacher!!


I really enjoyed doing something other than running. It was a nice change, and made me really miss my bicycle!!

Sarah did a great job of teaching the class. I felt like I was working hard, and working up a sweat. My sister also really liked it because her knees bother her when she tries to run.


As a freshman, I was SO intimidated by spinning classes. The great part about the spin class is you can tailor it to your needs. For example, if you find one of the positions or sprints hard, you can simply sit on the bike, turn it to lower resistance, and recover until you are ready to continue with the class. If it’s too easy, increase your cadence or the resistance on the bike.

I was absolutely STARVING when I got home. I whipped up the first thing that came to mind, a fruit and nut salad:


I combined:

  • spinach
  • melon
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • grilled chicken breast w/ basil and thyme

I topped it all with Trader Joes’ Poppyseed dressing!! I am so thankful that JasoNerd’s brother Zach brought me some more back from Ohio!! 😀

Thanks, Fluffy!


I might make pumpkin muffins. I have been thinking about them all day!!


Do you ever take group exercise classes? Which are your favorite?

I really love kickboxing! After the marathon, I can’t wait to get back into some fun stuff!

❤ MegaNerd