Here Comes the Bride! (or, Debbie and Mike Get Married!)

Congratulations, Debbie and Mike! 😀




Like I mentioned before, Debbie was the most gorgeous bride.




On their 100th month dating anniversary (over 8 years!) they tied the knot! I couldn’t be happier for my BFF!




After the lovely ceremony, the bridesmaids had some fun taking pictures. The couple was taking family pictures, so we took some of our own!


DSC_1174 DSC_1175


My handsome wedding date, Mark, and photographer 😉





Me and Joanna, my new running buddy!




I loved our bridesmaids dresses! (and my hot date.)




After about an hour of photography, we headed inside for the cocktail hour. I’m not sure how brides do it! I don’t think I could smile for two hours straight!


It was already 5:00pm, and I hadn’t eaten anything since my morning bagel. I was so hungry, but didn’t even realize it until I started eating. I sampled a little of everything from the appetizer tables.




I thought the hummus and veggies was such a neat idea!




I think weddings really show off a couples uniqueness, and Debbie and Mike did a great job with all their small details. One of the coolest things was the stone blessing. Each person took a stone upon entering the ceremony, wished a blessing on the couple, and returned the stone back to the bowl. Debbie and Mike get to keep the bowl, and will have the memories of their wedding day, as well as a bunch of well-wishings upon them! How cool is that!?




My favorite part of the entire reception might have been the potato bar.  Sweet potato or mashed potato, toppings were set out to be added to which ever type of potato chosen!




Although I normally would pick sweet potato, something about the garlic mashed potatoes sounded particularly appealing. I added cheese, chives, and a bit of fried onion (which I didn’t end up caring for.)





I ordered several cocktails throughout the night, normally some colorful fruity combination. I never order cocktails, but this was an occasion to celebrate!




I was seated with the rest of the bridal party at table 1.



I felt like a “VIP.”




I actually really enjoyed hanging out with this group all weekend! We joked that they should get re-married every year so we could all get together again.




First course: summer salad with white chocolate shavings on top, and a crispy bread twist.




The main entree was a plate filled with grilled sirlon of beef, chicken fresco, vegetable du jour, and potato croquette. It was so gourmet!




Next, it was time to cut the cake!


DSC_1248 DSC_1250 DSC_1264


…somehow I didn’t manage to take many pictures during the dancing, but we danced well into the night! I had such a blast! I never realized how much fun weddings could be. 🙂



I have always had a thought in my head that I would never want a big wedding. Now I can see why so many people want to! It can be a ton of fun! I know that BFF Debbie put in a ton of work to make this the perfect day, but it paid off! Now she is off relaxing for two weeks on a tropical island with her hubby. 🙂


Congrats again, Mr. and Mrs. V!!! 



In case you missed any of the previous wedding weekend installments, you can catch up here:





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The Most Gorgeous Bride

I had a feeling that my BFF Debbie was going to the most gorgeous bride ever. I was right!




She was absolutely glowing all day!


After a well rested night, we spent the morning leisurely getting ready for the big day ahead! It all started at the hair salon. We showed up with major bed-head, soon to be tamed!




Debbie’s dad brought breakfast to the salon so we wouldn’t have to worry with picking up food. So sweet of him!


A bagel and fruit spread…




…along with mimosas!




I had some of each:

DSC_1000 DSC_1002


While each of us took turns with getting our hair done…

DSC_1034 DSC_1008 DSC_1017 DSC_1005


…the others worked on getting our faces on!




On a typical day, I might wear mascara and bronzer, so getting all made up felt funny!


(Scary eyelash curler!)



DSC_1012   DSC_1011


My make-up was done, time for hair!




I was the last to go, and I didn’t really have time to get the original style I had chosen. I went with another, which turned out cute anyways!





On the way from the salon to the hotel, we stopped for Starbucks. By this point, I had already had 4 coffee drinks in one weekend! I opted for something new (to me), a nonfat white mocha.


Way. Too. Sweet. but still soooo good!

Once back at the hotel, we gathered our dresses and waited for the official photographer to arrive.




Dresses first, shoes second!




The limo arrived to transport us to Grounds for sculpture, the wedding site.




We piled in and were carted away!


DSC_1112 DSC_1115


Once at the grounds…




… we spotted the boys’ limo! They couldn’t see in ours, but we pretended we were spying on them. 🙂



DSC_1141 DSC_1142


Inside the boys’ limo:



The big day was really here! I was so excited for my BFF!




To be continued…

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Run, Rehearse, Relax!

What better way to relieve some pre-wedding stress than with a run?!




On Saturday morning, the bridesmaids and bride woke up extra early to squeeze in a run/walk. I didn’t have my Garmin, but I think we were gone for about an hour, and did mostly walking. It was a cool morning that really made me want fall to hurry up and get here!


While everyone took turns in the showers, the boys brought bagels and fruit for us to enjoy. I could get used to this! 😉




We were in a hurry, because we had a nail appointment to get too! Joanna, Debbie, and I had pedicures done the day before, but waited for the entire group (plus moms) to be there for manicures.


DSC_0832 DSC_0827 DSC_0828 DSC_0829


Meanwhile, Joanna and I went on a Starbucks run. Debbie was making use of her last acceptable “bridezilla” moments, by demanding tea! (Just kidding, I wanted some and offered to grab a cup for her too.)


I decided to try Meghann’s combo of nonfat Awake Tea Latte with one pump of pumpkin spice syrup.




It smelled delicious, but I didn’t think it was pumpkin-y enough. Maybe I would add more next time?


Once our nails dried (I felt so sophisticated, by the way) we returned home to gather the boys.




…and pose for pictures. 🙂


DSC_0855  DSC_0868


The rehearsal went by fairly quickly once everyone arrived.




The wedding was to take place at the Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ. Debbie took me here last November, but I didn’t want to ruin the surprise of the wedding location!



The ceremony location was the nine muses. Many artists, writers, and others have come to the muses for inspiration. Other than being an absolutely beautiful place to have a wedding, it also represents that the marriage will be one of inspiration! 🙂




The beauty was in the details!




Pretty toes!




Post-rehearsal, we went to Nomad Pizza for a very relaxed rehearsal dinner.


DSC_0911 DSC_0909



The bridal party, our dates/significant others, out of town family all attended.




Before we had a chance to order, the waiter brought out large bottles of water. We brought a cooler of beer, and I grabbed a Blue Moon.


DSC_0913 DSC_0915


Mark and I split the Arugula Salad which was made with fresh local organic arugula, sun gold cherry tomatoes, monterey chevre, wood fire roasted pecans, and lemon thyme dressing.





It was really refreshing! I had not eaten anything since the bagel, and was definitely in need of food!


I also took a bite of the community bruschetta. Also, amazing.




For our meal, we split the spinach and gruyere pizza.





Oooozing with cheese. Nom.




Having a relaxed dinner was just what the bride and groom needed before the big day!




The waiter enticed us with a nutella dessert pizza.




Holy. cow.




Baked pizza crust, topped with nutella, warmed bananas, and powdered sugar. What will the think of next?!


Like all good parties, we didn’t stop with one dessert.



 DSC_0947 DSC_0950



Debbie gave each of the bridesmaids a lovely thank-you gift. Each of us received a tote bag with our initial…





…and personalized jewelry for the day of the wedding! We each had a different pearl variation.




Along with earrings. So elegant! Thanks, Deb!




Hold on, did the other meg steal my bag?!




Friendly fight, of course! 😉


After the rehearsal dinner, we checked into our hotel room and watched titanic while spending the rest of the night relaxing. The big day was less than 24 hours away!


To be continued…

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Welcome to NJ! Dinner

The wedding weekend continues! Did you miss any of the pre-wedding events?




The rest of Friday


After settling in to NJ and getting pedicures with the Bride (BFF Debbie), we headed over to the groom’s family’s house a few towns over.




Even their cats, Laser and Libby came along for the party. Someone has to babysit them while they are on their honeymoon!




I’m allergic to the cats, so unfortunately Mark had to ride in the backseat squished between two girls and two cats, so that I could sit in the front away from the cat hair. Such a trooper!




It was a gorgeous summer evening, unlike anything you could ever hope to have in Florida. It was warm, but cool enough that sitting on the back porch was more comfortable than being inside.




Bride + Bridesmaid picture!


DSC_0778  DSC_0788 DSC_0792 DSC_0795


Mike’s mom made a lovely batch of sangria for the party. It was a little too good. 😉




Dinner was simple, but hit the spot! Subs from JUST SUBS were ordered, along with a mixed salad. I remember eating at JUST SUBS last time I visited Debbie and Mike in NJ!


I had two mini subs: one buffalo chicken, and one turkey.




Dessert was made by one of the bridesmaid’s moms (who happens to be the groom’s aunt). She made  a delicious assortment of Oreo and icing covered brownies, regular chocolate brownies, and peanut butter chocolate covered graham crackers.




Mark and I split a little plate of each. YUM!




After filling up our bellies, we headed down to the basement for some entertainment!






Chatting with the bride:




…and of course, Rock Band.




The boys all played on “Expert” level, but I could barely keep up with “Medium!”




It’s all good… I’m with the band.


Before too long, we all started getting tired. Air mattresses were inflated using none other than hair dryers on the cool setting. It didn’t work very well, but for some, it was better than sleeping on the floor!


It was important that we get our sleep… we had big plans for Saturday!

To be continued…

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Wedding Weekend Begins!

What an amazing weekend it has been! My BFF Debbie got married!



I decided to leave the laptop at home so that I could enjoy the company of my friends in New Jersey. I didn’t want to feel pressured to blog, and without my computer, it wasn’t possible! I’m going to recap my BFF Debbie’s incredible wedding weekend in a multi-part series! Get excited! 🙂


In case you missed any pre-wedding events, catch up here!




After packing like a crazy woman into Friday morning, I was able to catch a few hours of sleep before heading to the airport. Joanna and Carlos (members of the bridal party), Mark, and I arrived in Newark, NJ around 10:00am and headed straight to the town of Cranford to visit Debbie and her fiancé, Mike.


It was a quaint little town, which I loved because you could pretty much walk anywhere you needed to go.




The girls walked a few blocks to the spa while the boys went to get some pizza.




We were all really excited to get pedicures! Each of us have only gotten one or two before in our lives. Prom, anyone?




After my freak toe incident, I was petrified to have anyone touch my toes. I basically asked the lady to not alter the shape of my nails in anyway, just to soak, remove dead skin, and paint. It turned out to be quite relaxing once I got over the fact that it was so ticklish.




After our pedis, we were starving! We walked another few blocks to a local dinner called Rustic Mill that Debbie wanted to try. I ordered the Jersey Omelet which is three eggs, eggplant, roasted peppers, tomato, and monterey jack cheese.



I was actually quite impressed with how tasty it was! I ate about two-thirds before feeling stuffed. It came with a side of home fries and whole wheat toast which I picked at but couldn’t really finish.




After running some last minute errands, like spending an hour wandering around Target, we decided to stop into a fun coffee shop, Rock N’ Joes, for an afternoon treat.


DSC_0764 DSC_0763



Presenting, my first pumpkin treat of the season: THE SMASHING PUMPKIN!




Chai + pumpkin+ whipped cream + cinnamon = pure bliss.




HOLY YUM! Debbie renamed it the “Pumpkin Jammer.”




Such a relaxing atmosphere! Swoooon.




We arrived home to the boys in there own version of heaven. Video games. Le sigh.




We weren’t sure we could peel them away from the TV, but eventually we did.


To be continued…


❤ MegaNerd