Don’t Forget to Breathe

I forgot how much I enjoyed swimming!



After work yesterday, I decided to hit the pool. Reading Ashley’s Half- Ironman recap motivated me to go for a swim.


I swam 1000m in a little under 30 minutes. I have REALLY been thinking about training for my first triathlon, but I don’t know if I can handle the training with all my other stuff going on.


I have been feeling extremely stressed out lately with all that I am juggling, including:

  • Working 30-35 hours at my main job
  • Working 10-12 hours at my second job
  • Taking 6 credit hours
  • Blogging
  • Thinking about life after college/Career searching
  • Boyfriend/Friends


It felt good to be in the water. The pool was quiet and I liked the feeling of peace around me.I feel like I barely have time to breathe these days. I know that it will pay off in the end. It has to, right?


Mark’s schedule is just as jam-packed as mine (minus job searching and blogging) so by the time Friday night rolled around we were drained.
We did muster up enough energy to make homemade pizza!




We used Publix Bakery dough, added olive oil, marinara sauce, tomatoes, green peppers, mozzerella, and oregano! It was delicious!


Somehow brownies appeared in my oven (hmmm…MARK!!) and we shared a bowl of browines and vanilla ice cream. We were “ultimate fatties” last night.






I’m off to work this afternoon, but I have a trail bike ride planned for this evening, if the weather permits!


How do you get through the most stressful times in your life? I keep telling myself to just keep swimming..but don’t forget to breathe!


❤ MegaNerd

Fake Fall

Last night, I was on my own for dinner! Jason was home, but is living of chicken noodle soup and Gatorade. Feel better!


I love these nights when I’m home at a decent hour and can make whatever I feel like!

I found a recipe in REAL SIMPLE magazine that I wanted to try out: Quinoa with Mushrooms, Kale, and sweet potatoes.


I followed the recipe for the most part, but used veggie broth instead of wine because I didn’t have any. I also only made enough for one, so I quartered the recipe!


It was quite tasty, and reminded me of fall! Fall is no where to be found in Florida, so I have to pretend, by setting up pretty flowers…


Dessert was also whatever I felt like! Normally, that would be brownies and fro-yo because that’s pretty much all Jason will eat.

I have been DYING to try Angela’s Vegan PB Jam Glo-Bites and I finally had the perfect opportunity to do so!


I’m pretty sure they didn’t come out as beautiful as the originals, but they were very tasty! Next time, I want to try adding chocolate chips instead of jam. Maybe even make a pumpkin flavored one?



I finally got to bed around 11:15 pm, and didn’t wake up intil 8:15 am!! YIKES! I slept through prime running hour and that means it was HOT!!!!

I made it through… but I cut it short. I intended to run 6.0 but stopped after 5.0 miles. I ran out of water, was sweating like a crazy person, and I decided not to torture myself.

I finished the 5.0 miles in 47:20 and then headed home to take car of my flu-stricken boyfriend.

Once I got back from my run, I had an extreme craving for a bagel! Not just any bagel, an EVERYTHING bagel with cream cheese! Sometimes I get the strangest cravings, but I think it’s my body telling me something, so I try to listen to it.


NOM-NOM! It was perfect.

I’m thinking of making some hot chocolate! It’s 88 degrees outside, but its COLD in the apartment! Jason has the air cranked wwaaaaay down!

I guess you could say we are trying to fake fall around here!


I want it to get cooler SO BADLY!!!

❤ MegaNerd