Bundle of Nerves

This morning, I had to give an 8-minute presentation in my hydrology class. It could be on any topic related to water (quality/control), which meant I was free to choose pretty much anything.

I’m NOT a huge fan of public speaking, mostly because I have barely any practice. I sit at my computer or in front of textbooks calculating stuff all day.

I was SO nervous beforehand. Even though I practiced at LEAST 8 times last night, it was totally different. I was well prepared, and had no reason to be so terrified. My heart was like racing, and my stomach was filled with butterflies.

Once I got up to present, I took a deep breath, and dove right in. I felt really confident, and people seemed like they were actually paying attention! Hopefully  I did well. It was so nerve wracking!


In case you ever need to know anything about the Ancient Roman Aqueducts, feel free to ask. I feel like an expert.


I’ve got a lot going on right now. I was up until 2:00 am working on various school projects.


My Life = [To Do List + Homework] x 10^n


I had to wake up at 5:30am to make it to my class, so it was a coffee morning for me!  I’m sure you know how it goes.


I ate a stabilizing breakfast before I left:


  • Honey Oikos
  • 1/2 cup Kashi H2H
  • 1/2 cup Kash goLean
  • Strawberries

My tummy was growling by 10:00 am. Obviously it was way to early for lunch, so I had half a White Chocolate Macadamia Nut CLIF bar.


My lunch is ready! Time to grab it out of the oven. See you tonight!


Are you good at public speaking? How do you shake the nervous feeling?

❤ MegaNerd

Pass or Fail, I Tried My Best

Yesterday, I took the final exams of all final exams.

It wasn’t terribly difficult, but it was reaaaaallly loooong. Eight hours in a freezing cold room, taking a test covering everything I have ever learned [and more] in four and a half years of engineering school.

I won’t know for 10-12 weeks if I passed or failed. If I did fail, I know exactly what I need to study next time. If I passed, it’s a miracle. Either way, I tried my best!!

The test started at 7:15 am, so I had to leave at 6:30 am to get across town in time. I ate breakfast in the car, so it wasn’t completely photogenic. It was just as delicious as usual!


Oatmeal, milk, peanut butter, un-frozen berries. YUM! It was the only thing I knew for sure could hold me through lunch.

I packed my “purse” with my calculator, ID, and directions to the testing site. They were very strict about what you could bring in to the test. We were not even allowed to bring our own pencils!


Along with some “unobtrusive snacks”:

Some grapes


…and an unwrapped pumpkin pie Kashi bar (which I never had time to eat).


I also made sure to pack a water bottle…


…and a Lunch!


We had about a 45 minute lunch break in between the morning and afternoon sections. I was surprised how many people did not pack a lunch, and were scrambling across the street to McDonalds.

I was very pleased with my lunch! I figured that I would not want to stop for snacks during the test, and I needed a big lunch to fill me. I was right!


I got a Publix sub on Friday night to take with me. I was too lazy (more like stressing out) to make anything myself. I asked the lady at the deli to package the veggies separately so they wouldn’t make the sub soggy. I also grabbed some mustard and a packet of pepper, and arranged it all once I was ready to eat.


I ate most of it, but my stomach started to hurt. I threw this little nubbin away. 😦


Once it was over, I was so relieved!!

I got home around 6pm, and immediately cracked a Harvest Moon beer. Normally, I don’t really drink more than one beer at a time. However, I worked my ass off for that test, and felt like it was well deserved. Not just for today, but for the past 6 Saturday’s of torturous classes.


(times two…)

Continuing the celebration, Jason and I went to Mellow Mushroom for pizza… and more beer!


Jason ordered chicken wings for an appetizer, and I stole one of them! He wasn’t too happy about it. That boy and his chicken wings. Sigh.


I ordered the Mega-Veggie Pizza for my dinner, but asked for no butter on the crust. I thought about not getting cheese, but I wanted to try it with it on there. I actually didn’t think they put much anyways, it was kind of sprinkled sparingly.


I ate a quarter of the pizza, and cut my slice into two to make it easier to eat.


I was way more interested in my Orange Blossom Pilsner anyways.


Clearly, I enjoyed myself!

I realized that I have not cooked in almost a week!! I’ve been eating super quick stuff, eating out, and forgetting to eat altogether. Thank you for putting up with me through this stressful time in my life!

Time to get back to my regularly scheduled life! I haven’t done laundry in almost three weeks… and my apartment looks like a bomb went off. 😀

❤ MegaNerd

Fundamentals of… What Exactly?

I do not feel ready for the FE tomorrow. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow:


Morning Exam- 120 questions

  • Trig/Algebra/Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Differential Equations (iffy)
  • Matrices (iffy)
  • Vector Analysis
  • Probability and Stats
  • Chemistry …bahaha I never understood it
  • Computers… twitter doesn’t count
  • Ethics
  • Economics
  • Statics (easy peasy)
  • Dynamics (iffy)
  • Strength of Materials
  • Properties of Materials
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Thermodynamics (funny how I’m failing that class, but understand everything)

Afternoon Exam- Civil- 60 questions

  • Surveying
  • Hydrology
  • Hydraulics (haven’t taken this class yet)
  • Soil Mechanics (haven’t taken this class yet)
  • Environmental Eng.
  • Transportation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Construction
  • Materials

Fun, huh?


I am really not comfortable with a LOT on this test. I’m going to try my best, and go in with a positive attitude! Each exam lasts four hours, for a total length of 8 hours of testing!!

If I don’t pass, I still can try again in April. I am probably making a bigger deal out of this than it actually is, but I just want to get it over with. Plus its $$$$$. It’s possible to pass, but I’m not expecting it. I’ll just guess “C” when I don’t know the answer. LOL.


I tried to study a bit more today, but I decided that it was just better to relax. I’ve been studying for four and a half years for this test. I get worked up about it really easily, so I’m chilling out. I made a nice pasta lunch today to keep me out of the office:


I used whole grain penne pasta, broccoli, peas, white beans, pesto, and this little guy:


It was quite a filling lunch!!


However, 15 miles requires extra food.

For my second lunch, I made an entire large sweet potato worth of fries! I don’t mess around with the ketchup! LOL.


My tummy was full and happy.


After e-mailing with another engineer and friend (we met at the blogger lunch), I realized that I needed to stop thinking about the test, calm down, and relax tonight. Thanks, Gloria!  I had a Sam Adams Octoberfest to take the edge off. 😀


We did the easiest possible thing ever for dinner. I picked up a rotisserie chicken from Publix, whipped up a Caeser salad (with only a smidge of dressing), and mac n’ cheese.


I went back for more salad, and more pasta. Not really hungry but it tasted good.

Delicious, yes. Nutritious? Well… It’s not too bad. I just haven’t felt much like cooking the past week. I can’t wait to get this test over with!!!


I’ll see you tomorrow night! Keep your fingers crossed!

❤ MegaNerd