Post Race Fueling

After yesterday’s half metric century bike ride,  I pretty much had no appetite. It was weird! However, Mark was extremely hungry, so we stopped at the first place we saw, Crispers.


I ordered a broccoli cheddar soup




…and a carribbean chicken flatbread.




Both were delicious, but I only finished about 2/3 of each. I then came home and slept the afternoon away!

I was slightly hungrier when I woke up, so I tried to pack in some calories. I started with a refreshing beer…




…and made a plate of randomness. I had a veggie burger, topped with chili, some cheddar cheese, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. All leftovers. All random.




For dessert, Mark and I split a brownie and vanilla ice cream.




Today, I woke at 5:00am absolutely ravenous! I seriously could not eat enough!  I easily ate twice as much as a normal non-workout day. It’s funny how our bodies work.


Looking back, I know that I probably did not eat nearly enough yesterday. I probably burned upwards of 1200 extra calories, and definitely did not consume that many extra.


I am debating which of these post-race fueling strategies is better:


a. Listen to your Brain: Eating when you know you should, even if you are not terribly hungry. I waited a good 6 hours between lunch and dinner because I was too lazy to get up. I probably did not eat enough nutrients to replenish what I used up.


b. Listen to your Stomach: Eating when you feel hungry… which is basically what I did. I didn’t get hungry until today, so I ate a ton! I ended up waking up feeling so lethargic. I feel like I left my tank empty for too long.


What is your post-race (or just post-tough exercise) fueling strategy? Do you have a strategy, or do you just wing it?


Normally I’m all about listening to my stomach, but I think after hard races, there needs to be a balance so I don’t end up starving. Next time I need to make a more conscious effort to eat properly so that I don’t feel energy zapped the next day!


❤ MegaNerd

2492 Calories to Make Up

Immediately after I crossed the finish line of the Disney Marathon, an orange was plopped into my hand. I stared at it awkwardly… like what am I supposed to do with this?!


My stomach didn’t really feel too much better after I stopped. I was really shocked that I was hungry even with all the intestine issues (sorry!).


My dad, stepmom, brother and sister took me to lunch after the race at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney.




Yes, I wore my medal to lunch!!! 😀


I ordered the pita quesadillas which were delicious!




I ate mostly all of it, but it took a little while.




I also had about a handful of the community french fries.




The six of us split this massive brownie ice cream dessert volcano thing! (Look at my bro in the background. He’s amazed!)




I had a decent sized hunk on my plate. It was the best part of the meal!




I actually did not feel hungry at all the rest of the night. My stomach still felt awkward. Debbie’s mom brought a huge fruit tray for us, so I nibbled on some of that.




The only other thing I had was a mug of chocolate milk




…and some graham crackers. Nothing sounded appealing.




NO worries… I ate my weight on Monday!


Breakfast 1: Kashi bar + fruit



Breakfast 2: Gingerbread bagel, Cream cheese, Coffee

IMG_1409 IMG_1411


Lunch: Insane amounts of Debbie’s leftovers.



Snack: CLIF bar



Dinner: Pasta, beans, feta, broccoli, alfredo sauce. YUM!



Good news! My stomach is finally feeling better! 😀


According to my Garmin, I burned about 95 calories per mile. I’m not sure that I made up my 2400+ calorie deficit, but I’ll be working on it.


❤ MegaNerd

My Longest Run Yet: 15 Miles!

Aaaah! I did it!


That’s my super excited face.

I ran 15.0 Miles this morning, setting a new PDR (personal distance record). 😀


HOLLER! (I forgot to stop the watch when I started walking, so the numbers are a bit off.)

Before I left the apartment, I fueled up with a half honey bagel with PB.


I met Kelly at 5:30 am for our usual Friday run. It was nice to have her with me to keep me occupied for the first 7.0 miles. We walked for a minute or so at the end because I had to go to the bathroom, like REALLY bad. Kelly drove me 1.3 miles to my car, I hoped out, ran to my apartment, went to the bathroom, and ran back out the door. I did all of this is 5 minutes and 36 seconds. Speedy pit stop 😀

I finished the remaining 8.0 miles on my own. I really didn’t know if I could do it! I have never run that far, and never more than 8.0 miles on my own! I actually ran faster by myself, because I was already warmed up, had nobody to talk to, and just wanted to get it over with!

Mentally, I broke the run up into little chunks. First 7.0 miles with Kelly, only 3 more miles to a shot block, only 3 more miles to the next, only 1.5 miles to fill up my water bottle, etc.

Dark cherry Shotbloks: Miles 7,10, and 13.


Run Stats:

  • Distance: 15.0 miles !!!
  • Time: 2:32
  • Average Pace: 10:10 (a little off because I forgot to stop it, close enough!)
  • Average Heart Rate: 163 bpm

I’m so proud! A few years ago, I couldn’t run 1.0 mile. Hard work pays off, you just have to really want it!


When I got home, I wasn’t that hungry but KNEW that I needed to eat something. It didn’t take much effort to decide:


My yogurt mess contained:

  • 1 container Vanilla Stonyfield yogurt
  • 1/2 cup Kashi go Lean cereal
  • 1/2 cup Bear Naked chocolate granola (yup… 270 calories worth!)
  • banana
  • strawberries… which I got tired of cutting!



It tastes better once it’s all jumbled up!


Next item on the list?

ICE BATH!… dun dun dun…


Trust me, it was cold. Twenty pounds of ice later…


Haha. Yep. It hurt. I’ve done it a couple of times before, so I was prepped for pain.

I wore a fleece hoodie to stay “warm”.

My legs were sore all over. I figured dunking them in ice was faster than individually icing each area. Once I was all the way in, they went slightly numb feeling and then it wasn’t bad at all.


I brought along a watch to time myself for 15 minutes…


…and a cup of hot pear tea!


…and of course, Runners’ World magazine, and my camera for entertainment.


Check out those chill bumps…


I never thought I would ACTUALLY be training for a marathon. For the past three years, I have been training for 5k-half marathon distances. Not until today have I actually felt like I was MARATHON TRAINING! Now that my long runs are exceeding half marathon distance, it feels for real.

Disney Marathon… here I come!

❤ MegaNerd

Second Thoughts

I still have yet to sign up officially for the Disney Marathon.

Partially because I can’t bear the thought of slapping $125 on my credit card and letting it accumulate interest until I get a job next May, but mainly because I’m pretty scared. Twenty six point two miles is a long way.


Am I crazy? 26.2 miles!?!


I feel like I barely have time to breathe and get my homework done, much less train for a marathon. I’ve been talking to BFF Debbie about this a lot, especially with her moving to NJ next Monday. My BFF/Running pal is leaving!? 😦

Debbie advised that we both go ahead and sign up, and continue to train. She reminded me why I originally wanted to do this marathon- To prove to myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind too. Granted I am busy now, but my time is flexible. After this year, I’ll most likely be working for an engineering firm (I hope!) and not have as much time to dedicated to longer-mid week runs.

I just wanted to be real, and share that I’m honestly scared.

I think that my body is capable of 26.2 miles, but I’m not sure that I can wrap my head around the idea. My plan is to sign up, keep training, and give it my best. When you really want something, you make time for it!

This morning Debbie and I headed to one of our favorite running spots! We have a bunch of fun runs planned for her last week in O-town!

Before I left, I fueled up with half a full size bagel and PB. I’m trying to get my stomach accustomed to eating more than 1/4 or 1/2 a CLIF bar before runs. I don’t think that’s enough fuel!


We had a GREAT workout! I’m glad I gave my legs a two day break. They needed it! Our workout included:

  • 6.0 miles easy pace (10:00 min/mile average)
  • 2 laps on track, sprinting straightaways (5:34-6:17 pace!!!) and then jogging the curves
  • 2 laps cool down

Total= 7.0 miles!

When I got home, I made a big bowl of Boston Creme pie Oats!


  • 1/2 cup Oats
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 TBL Flax
  • graham cracker
  • banana
  • mini chocolate chips
  • dollop of plain yogurt



It’s official: Let the Marathon Training Begin!

❤ MegaNerd

Rock N’ Run 5k

This morning’s 5k started out the racing season with a bang! 😀

The alarm went off at 5:00, and I basically jumped out of bed! I was glad that I had everything ready the night before, so getting dressed required no thought, and I was able to have a relaxing morning. I ate half a bagel with PB before we left:


Showing off my race outfit and number (Before I get all gross and sweaty!)


Jason and I picked Caitlin up on our way to the race. We actually arrived almost an hour before the race started, so my nerves were building! Caitlin snapped this photo but two seconds before I was biting my lips… so nervous!


I was really glad to have my best friend there to support me! Jason ran this race with me last year, too!


We then met up with the other running couples…

Katy and Lucas


Kelly and her supportive camera holding boyfriend, Anthony!


Derek and Meghann


Once it was time, we lined up at the start line. I started somewhere between the 7 min mile and 8 min mile markers near BFF Debbie.


Once the race started, I bolted out of the chute, and was pacing just under 7 minute miles! I knew that I should slow down a bit so that I didn’t burn out, but it was hard because I felt fine at the time!

Mile 1 felt great, and I ran it in 7:19! I passed the mile marker and new that I had the chance to possibly PR today!

Mile 2, I felt good still, but started feeling like I had to pee. I was 10 steps or so behind Meghann the entire time, and then I noticed that I was slowing down a bit.

Mile 3. Now, you may find this entirely disgusting if you are not a serious runner or think pee is disgusting. Not gonna lie, I could NOT control my bladder in the last mile. I pulled off to the side to relieve myself, but it was not a pretty sight. LOL. If I thought I was going to PR (under 23:59) I would have just peed on myself and kept going. Yes, it would be worth it. I’m disgusting, and I admit that.

I guess when you are running so fast you body must think a cougar is chasing you, and your non-essential bodily functions shut down. Apparently holding in your pee is not a life or death situation! All the blood in my body was working to move my legs and pump air into my lungs. At least I know I gave it my all! 😀

My “issue” probably knocked 20 seconds or so off my last mile’s pace, but I still managed to come in under my 25 minute goal.

I finished in 24:23, and was so happy to finish this race! I ran straight through the chute, into the bathroom! YIKES! My average pace was 7:49, so I’m pretty happy with that! 😀


Overall, It was a super fun race, because so many of my favorite people were there!


Jason set a new 5k PR of 30:18! Congrats JasoNerd! ❤



I’m so excited to see what this racing season holds for me! I want to challenge myself to take it up a notch and see what I’m really capable of! Who knows?


I’m now home, and just re-fueled with a bowl of cereal.


  • 1/2 cup Kashi H2H
  • 1/2 cup Kashi GoLean
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • banana

I wish I could say I was doing something awesome now, like taking a nap… but I’m starting my Saturday class today, and I’m already late!

Do you have any embarrassing running stories? I will always remember this race as “that 5k I peed my pants” LOL. 😀

❤ MegaNerd

Fifty Tough Miles

I can’t believe I did it! I biked 50 miles with the fabulous Kelly!

Definitely a Personal Distance record… my longest ride was a few weeks ago, a 26 miler. I practically doubled that!


Last night, I packed my fuel for the road. I started with drinks: I filled my 24 oz bottle with 1/2 Gatorade, or I guess now it’s just “G” and half water… or “H2O”.

I also had a 1.5 Liter Camelback full of water, thanks to Caitlin!


I also pre-made my Barney Butter and Jelly sammie….


…and packed my emergency tire repair kit:

DSC_0079 DSC_0080

When I woke up this morning, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that my bike had a flat tire. I tried pumping it, and nothing worked. I pulled the tire off and discovered a finger size hole in the tube. GRRRR.


Time to pull out the emergency repair kit! At least I was home when this happened and not out on the road! I have never changed a flat bike tire before and had to refer to my BFF the Internet for this guide.


After 30 minutes of repairing, I realized that my oatmeal was still sitting on the counter, waiting to be eaten. I seriously ate this straight up, with only a spoonful of brown sugar. I was in a hurry so I brought it in the car. (sorry for the crappy pic!)


Once Kelly and I got to the trail (about an hour drive later),  I realized that my chain had completely come off. I also could not get my quick-release wheel on correctly, and the brakes kept scraping the tire.


Today has seriously inspired me to think about taking a basic bike maintenance class or something. I realized I really don’t know how to repair or take proper care of my bike!


Right before we hit the trail, Kelly gave me the rest of her Fruition peach bar to eat, because she didn’t like it. It sort of tastes Luna Bar-ish but not quite as dense. I really like them!


Our ride was seriously a safari!


We saw no less than 30 turtles, raccoons, snakes, vultures, cows, and horses.


At the turn around point, 25 miles in, we stopped for some mid-ride fuel. Kelly forgot her PBJ sammie, so I split mine with her.


Not too much later into the ride, I ate a banana.


By the 40 mile mark, I was getting hangry, and I was running out of food and water. My left knee was also really getting sore.


The last 10 miles were the toughest ever. I was in physical pain. My shoulders hurt from hunching, my neck hurt, and my knee hurt.

I was prepared for the physical aches, but mentally it was a LONG time to bike. I could never have done it without Kelly there!

Three hours, 50 minutes, and 10 seconds later…I was done. Whew!


Bike Stats:

  • Distance: 50.01 miles… heck yes!
  • Time: 3:50:10
  • Average Speed: 13.0 mph
  • Average Heart rate: 130 bpm
  • Calories: Debatable. I guessed 1500-2000, Garmin guessed 2856. Either way that’s ALOT!

My body was craving food and rest.

We both knew we couldn’t make it home to eat. By the time we got off our bikes, packed the car, and started driving, it was 1:30 pm. I stopped at Publix for us to get some grub.

My Publix sub (same as usual):


Yay for second lunch! (The first one didn’t count!)


I also had about a third of these strawberries, which are cheaper to buy like this than the already cut type:


..and a couple of dried apricots.


I’m home and showered now… and feeling really tired. I think I might take a well deserved nap!

Riding those 50 miles was tough mentally and physically, but I knew I could do it. I’m proud of myself for finishing! Every day I thank my body for what it is capable of.

What have you done lately that made you proud?

❤ MegaNerd