Hair Body and Sole

When it comes to hair stuff… I have no idea what to do.


I wear my hair down and straight. Or… in a ponytail.  Every. Single. Day. It’s getting boring!


(also note that it’s getting sort of brassy brown)


My sister, Brielle, is quite the opposite! She’s always coming up with cute hair do’s, dying her hair, cutting bangs for herself, etc.


I told her that I wish she could show me how to do all this stuff for myself! We then came up with the idea of a hair blog! Well guess what? She started one! Go check it out!






She’s still in the process of working on it, but she has some GREAT how-to videos up!

Remember a few weeks ago when my sister braided my hair?


There’s a how-to video for that!


I’ve been wanting to dye my hair, and when Brielle posted a video called Color Your Hair at Home, I knew I should give it a shot! Being in the hot Florida sun is starting to turn my naturally medium-dark brown hair to brassy red-brown. I’m just not feeling it.


Since my sister and I have the same natural hair/skin/eye colors… I chose the same hairdye that she used. Revlon ColorSilk, Dark Brown #30.


I got my gloves all prepped! Brielle suggests using hairties to secure the gloves, especially with darker hair dyes to prevent your hands from staining.


I applied the hairdye… (and took a pic)…


…waited 25 minutes, rinsed.


Wa-la! Sooo Dark. I LOVE IT!



Dyeing your hair at home = not so scary! I don’t know how going lighter would have turned out though. I don’t like light hair on myself, so I will never even try. 😀


Next up, I really want to learn to French braid my own hair!


What do you wish you could do to your hair but don’t know how to do? Are you scared to color at home? Cut your own bangs? French braid?

❤ MegaNerd

Prepping for Friday’s Long Run

I have been so busy, I almost forgot that I have a 16.0 mile run on the marathon training plan tomorrow!! YIKES!

Can you believe I’m already at 16.0 miles?!?! I cannot.


I spent the afternoon on campus, which meant packing snacks to keep me going.

Apple slices:


Protein Bar:


I didn’t plan on being on campus as long as I did, so when I got home I was STARVING! Dinner was the last third of my mellow mushroom mega-veggie pizza. Not as good 5 days later, but I ate every last bite.


Can you tell I’m breaking into the Halloween party candy stash? 😉

Reese’s cup x2:

IMG_1321 IMG_1322


I need to get to bed, Friday’s are officially my long run days!

If you have been wondering why Caitlin and I have been meeting on Friday’s to do our long runs instead of Saturday or Sunday, it’s honestly because it fits best into our schedules! I have Friday’s off school, and since JasoNerd (the boyfriend) works Mon-Sat, I like to have Sunday’s to spend with him!

When I trained for my first half marathon with BFF Debbie in 2007, we did our long runs on Tuesdays!!

As long as you get them in, and space them about a week apart (give or take a day) it really doesn’t matter!


In other news…

My sister, Brielle, is AWESOME at doing hair. A few people asked why she is able to visit for 3 weeks, and it’s because she just graduated high school in May, and starts hair school in January!

She trims my hair (I really don’t do anything to my hair other than cut it) and I love it! She colors her friends hair, cuts, etc.

This morning she braided my hair to keep my shortest layers out of my face. I think she called it the “Lauren Conrad Braid”.


She’s considering starting her own blog about hair/fashion/makeup stuff, and I think she should do it!

But then, I’m biased because I love her!

Who thinks Brielle should start a blog? ME!!

❤ MegaNerd