First Watch and Pet Sitting

I’ve been truly lazy this holiday weekend.

I randomly took the day off of blogging yesterday, mainly because I just needed a mental break. I ate boring stuff like mac n cheese, anyways.

Jason and I slept in pretty late, and decided to head out for brunch this morning. I’ve really been wanting to try First Watch, so we headed there around 11:00 am.


There was about a twenty minute wait for a table so I grabbed a cup of free coffee…



I had a really hard time deciding on what to order. I was pretty hungry, and really craving eggs. I decided to get something that sounded super filling and calorie-filled since I’ve been slacking in the fueling department.


I ordered the Power Wrap which was basically an omelet all wrapped up.


On the side, it came with a fresh fruit cup:


It was a lot of food! I got pretty full after eating 3/4 of it, but since I’m running 20 miles tomorrow, I packed it all in there.


After brunch, we headed out on pet duty!

I’m pet-sitting Ryan’s kitten, Harvey, this weekend. He’s so adorable and I want to steal him. 😀


He’s really playful! We hung out for a while just to keep him company.


Jason and I were so impressed by Evan’s popsicle stick construction. Are you sure he isn’t a civil engineer?


Next up, we went to let out Caitlin’s dogs.

Maggie was SUPER hyper.


I played with her a bit inside, while Jason took [her other dog] James for a short walk.


I realized it’s REALLY hard to take cute pet pictures. It doesn’t stop me from wanting them, though. 😀

I’m not really hungry, but its’ 5:00pm and I need to get with this whole carb-loading before my long run.

This is my first time trying the PBJ CLIF Mojo bar, and I have to say I really like it!


I didn’t like the PBJ Larabar very much because of the dense texture. I really like this one because its crunchy and sweet. It tastes amazing!


I’m also snacking on [Clementines] x 10^n


I’m trying two new recipes tonight! I can’t wait to test them out!

I’ll be back tonight with a recap. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to wrap my head around 20 miles…

❤ Meganerd

Lunch Date and Quick Dinner


I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Every since my run this morning, I’ve been in a good mood! 😀

I’m enjoying my happiness while I finish this post, and then it’s back to studying. I have yet ANOTHER test tomorrow. My life feels like a super long exam!!



Since Jason’s on the night shift this month, that means he is home during the day with me! Our two year dating anniversary is tomorrow, but since we have other plans/work/classes, we celebrated with a lunch date today!


We used to have lunch together (not always out) every single day before we even started dating. It is a tradition that I miss!

We headed to Nona Sushi, a local Japanese restaurant. I ordered the lunch special, a bento box with hibachi shrimp.


It came with a ginger side salad, which they always put WAY to much dressing on.


I asked for no butter on the shrimp and veggies, and the guy said he couldn’t do it. Umm… I was really confused, and I told him to please use minimal butter. He laughed at me.  Ugh, it was still buttery but it was DELICIOUS! I ate all the veggies, and half of the shrimp.


It also came with a blob of white rice which I’m not a fan of and had no problem leaving it there.


I love love love sushi! I was happy to eat all of these little California rolls. 😀


…and lastly, tempura veggies- sweet potato and zucchini


As good as the outside might taste, it is NOT HEALTHY! I compromised by picking 3/4 of it off, and I still got a bit of the flavor.


It was a great lunch, and I left feeling super full!!


I didn’t really need any snacks this afternoon, but I made a green smoothie before I left for class, since dinner was still 4-5 hours away.


My smoothie had:

  • spinach
  • ice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 TBL peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk

Jason saw me making it, and wanted half. Being an awesome girlfriend, I gave him half. It was actually just enough to hold me.



Once I got home from class, I made a quick pasta salad for dinner.


It included:

  • penne pasta (carbs)
  • white beans (protein)
  • peas (veggies)
  • red pepper (veggies)
  • pesto (fats)


I boiled some penne pasta, while I prepared all the other stuff. The entire dish made 11 minutes to make, had only 5 ingredients, and covered all the well-rounded meal basics. Quick meals are a necessity in my life!


I contemplated cereal for dinner, but I’m so glad I took 10 extra minutes to make something more satisfying.

***Edited to Add: Just a had a little bowl of Moose tracks frozen yogurt!***



What’s the best meal you have made in under 15 minutes?


❤ MegaNerd