Hurts So Good.

Meet my new friend, the foam roller.




I’ve actually had it since Christmas, but have just started to use it! I took a few weeks… okay, months… off of running and have just started back. On Sunday night, I did a harder run than what I have typically been doing and I woke up Monday with really sore hamstrings.


At first, I was scared. Last summer, I pulled my hamstring and had to take a month off running. The pain on Monday felt really similar. YIKES! I’m just coming back into running, I don’t want to take yet another month off!


The remedy: I took a few days off, iced/applied heat, and foam rolled.




Boy, that thing HURTS… but it also feels GOOD! I have no idea how that works… but it does.


It’s been almost a week since my last run. I felt better this morning, so I went on an easy 3.0 mile run/walk. I walked about 10% of the time, and took two stretch breaks. It’s okay to walk!




I came back drenched with sweat and hopped in an ice cold shower. I’m not afraid of cold water. In fact, I love it.


Post-Shower breakfast: Bowl of Cereal/milk/banana



I’m seriously obsessed with Kashi Heart to Heart cereal.


…and foam rolling.


Do you use a foam roller?


❤ MegaNerd