Three for Three

Today was the third day in a row of trying a new form of exercise!


Tuesday: Swimming

Wednesday: Indoor cycling

Thursday: Yoga!


I just got back from a late yoga class with Ryan. This was only my third experience with yoga, and I have to say I kind of liked it!



A few months ago I tried yoga at another gym but never really got hooked. I am really energetic and have a hard time being focused, so yoga is a bit of a challenge just to stay on the mat. 😉


I did a pretty good job packing healthy food today. I tend to not pack enough, so I made sure to pack extra stuff just in case.


I started my morning with a blueberry bagel. One side with peanut butter, one with raspberry preserves



…along with a banana. Such a happy breakfast!




Lunch was a turkey and cheese sammie on an English muffin (with mustard!). It’s a nice change from plain ole’ bread.




To go with it, I had a cup of V8 Butternut Squash soup.




Snacks included:


A packet of Emergen-C




peanut butter pretzel CLIF mojo bar…




…and a juicy pear!




It was just the right amount of food to keep my energy levels up throughout the day. I didn’t even need coffee!


I made a light dinner since I knew that I would be heading to yoga in less than an hour. I whipped up a piece of grilled chicken and some steamed squash. Nothing fancy!




I’m now munching on some popcorn before I head to bed. I’ve been craving popcorn randomly for like a week now. I think I mentioned it to Meghann when we hung out last week, and I have been talking/thinking about it ever since. Weeeeeeeird.


It’s late. Good-night!


❤ MegaNerd

Two Days, Two Challenges

Wow! I feel like so much has happened in the past two days in the exercise world!




I woke up bright and early to start my newest exercise adventure. Did you guess it? Swimming!


Ryan met me at her gym at 6:00 am and spent about an hour going over basic technique and swim strokes. She is an excellent teacher! I have been really looking forward to having her teach me, since all I really knew how to do was flop like a fish.


Honestly, it’s the perfect solution for me. My knee is giving me problems, and swimming doesn’t irritate it at all! It will help me keep my cardiovascular system in shape, and hopefully tone me up a bit! It also will provide me a new challenge, which couldn’t come at a better time. 😉






After my two exams yesterday, I contemplated coming home and crashing. I wasn’t really all that tired.


I decided to try something new! My dad got me an indoor bicycle trainer for Christmas, and I still had not really tried it out. Between the marathon training, recovery, and moving, I just haven’t had the chance.




Basically the back wheel hooks into two slots which you tighten. Then a piece at the bottom of the wheel is adjusted for resistance, so you can make it as intense or easy as you want to. I put it somewhere in between.


I finally tried it out.  I set my bike up facing the TV set, and rode for the length of time of one Sex and the City episode. It’s a pretty sweet set up if you ask me.




(Oh, that’s my new living room… like it? )


I’m on a mission to try as many new forms of exercise as I can, and find a way to make it fun. My goal is to find one new way to move every day this week!

What type of exercise should I try next?


❤ MegaNerd