My Longest Long Run: Twenty-Two Miles

I did it. I survived my longest training run EVER… 22.0 miles.




I was so glad to have Caitlin there with me, or there would have been no way I could finish!




After drinking way too much last night, I was pretty sure this run was going to suck. I grabbed a PB and Jelly bagel that I made in approx 3 seconds as I ran out the door.




I am 100% sure that this was the hardest run of my life. From the moment my feet hit the pavement, I thought about giving up. I felt quite hung-over and just didn’t think I could make it.


The first four miles we spent talking about how much our heads hurt, wondering why we drank so much, and asking each other if this run was really necessary.


From miles 5 to 8, we were going back and forth from feeling great to feeling like crap. Every minute was different…


Around mile 9 or 10, we felt like we had been running forever, but still had so much more to go!


At mile 13, we kept shouting, only nine more miles, almost there! We then discussed how ridiculous this sounded. Never in my life have I said, “only nine more miles, yippeee!”


Miles 15-18, my body just started hating me. My stomach was growling, my body felt disconnected from my brain, and I wanted to give up.


At mile 20, every step was a new personal distance record! I thought about stopping but knew that I needed the mental preparation for the marathon. I


We finished our run in 3:57:29! I honestly did NOT care how fast we ran, I was just SO happy that we finished.



EPIC RUN!!!!!!


We ran ALL over Orlando. Starting in Baldwin Park, up to Winter park, down Park Ave, Almost to Maitland, down Orlando Ave, through downtown, around lake Eola, and back.  It helped mentally to not run 50 million circles around the normal route.





Our average pace ended up being 10:47 min/mile because we walked a few times towards the end and stopped to fill our water bottles.


I brought two snacks along on the run, but I really wish that I would have had something solid to eat. My stomach was growling SO much by mile 12!

IMG_1046 IMG_1047


Once we finished, we went straight into Publix for some food.




Caitlin got an entire loaf of french bread, and made a cream cheese sandwich on her car.




I got the best post-long run recovery drink:  chocolate milk!  




..and had a hunk of bread:




Today was my last planned [very] long run before the marathon. I might run another ten miler or something, but no more 2+ hour runs!


When I got home, I made a HUGE lunch. I made it pretty for the blog…




…but then dumped it into my large salad bowl and added more 😀



My bowl included:

  • tofu
  • green beans
  • snow peas
  • carrots
  • red pepper
  • teriyaki sauce
  • brown rice


I’m honestly so ready for this marathon. After running 22 miles hungover, this marathon is going to be a breeze.


Off to eat some more, watch tv, and pack for North Carolina! "


❤ MegaNerd


Best quote of the day…

Megan: “Ugh… Four miles left, my body hurts… I’m NOT a happy person.”

Caitlin: “Come on, Megan, we eat four mile runs for breakfast!”

Thirteen-ish Miles

One thing that really annoys me about having the Garmin is that I am so spoiled by it that I feel like I can’t run without it.


I thought it was charging all night, but it died after 10 minutes of running. Instead of skipping the run altogether, I decided to make the best of it.


Jason came along for the run, on my bike! We needed some chat time, and it worked out perfectly.



His six foot tall body looked a bit cramped on my 53 cm road bike. I would have adjusted the seat but he said he was fine!


It was nice not to carry my gear for a change! I put my SHOT Bloks and camera into the bike bag, and my water bottle into the holder.




I’m not exactly sure of the distance that I ran today. Back in my pre-Garmin days, I would ALWAYS run based on time. Training for my first half marathon, if my schedule called for a 6 mile run, I would run for 60 minutes (6 miles x 10 min/mile = 60 minutes.)


I’ve been running most of my longer runs at about a 10 min/mile pace, so I decided to run for two more hours. My Garmin died after 0.99 miles, so I’m guessing that I ran somewhere around thirteen-ish miles.

I only have one more REALLY long run left! The marathon is in four weeks!!


The weather in Central Florida has been so strange! Yesterday was cold, and today was HOT, HOT, HOT! It was the first time in a while that I actually was warm enough to warrant running in just a sports bra.




Unlike BFF Debbie, who ran 18.0 miles in the snow!!!! She’s my hero. ❤




On my way to Tampa (to visit my family) I stopped at Whole Foods to fuel up post run. I ate almost every last morsel of my 1.6 lbs of food.




I started with a “Christmas salad”: Spinach, green and red peppers, tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette.




Next up…



  • Israeli couscous with chickpeas
  • Roasted veggie medley with sage (Kelly’s was better!)
  • Shitake mushroom Tofu
  • Declicious pasta with more mushrooms




I also drank a Mango Acai White Tea. I really like these, but they are so expensive (well, to me at least).




Time to hang out with the family!


How do you measure your runs? Do you have a Garmin? Run for time? Map out your runs ahead of time? Or just wing it?


❤ MegaNerd

Big and Bigger

For the past three years in a row, I have done the same routine come finals week. Run OUC Half marathon, then take the rest of the week to study, and pretty much forget about running altogether.


This has always been great, because it gives me a mental break from training to focus on school. It also allows my legs the rest and recovery they need to ease back into things once I feel like it.


This year is completely different. The half marathon was a big race, don’t get me wrong. I ran it all out and gave it as much effort as I could. However, it’s time to get refocused for the really big race… the Disney Marathon!!


The marathon is only 32 days away! I can’t believe it!



I let my legs rest a bit by taking two days completely off of running. Boy did they need it! They were very sore! I did a poor job of recovering day of/day after and I paid for it.



I had an easy 4.0 miles planned, but ended up cutting back to 3.0 when I realized how sore I still was. I used the extra 10 minutes I would have spent running to really get in a good stretch. I think my body thanked me for it.


I haven’t been food blogging much because, I haven’t had a lot. My meals are lame-o. I’m subsisting off CLIF bars, bagels, coffee and apples. Seriously. I can’t wait for finals week to end!


I did take the time yesterday to make a decent breakfast.


Wait, did I really just call this decent? Try… delicious!


The combo included:

  • Kashi H2H cereal
  • 1 pear
  • pom arils
  • vanilla oikos
  • pumpkin butter
  • pumpkin spice granola (Trader Joe’s)




I really had no idea where to take it from here. My marathon training plan was pretty much blank between the long runs.


Caitlin and I met for a run this morning. I had only planned on running 5.0 miles or so, but ended up running 7! I really needed the girl/chat time even thought it was hot as heck outside. Thanks for being a great friend, Caitlin 😀


Before I left, I ate a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and banana.


It felt SUPER filling, and I could only finish about 3/4 of it. I picked all the bananas off though. Yummmm.

It’s crazy to me that I am actually going to be running 26.2 miles in one month. I know I can do it!


❤ MegaNerd

Epic Twenty Miles

 Twenty Miles… I did it!



When the alarm went off at 5:00 am this morning… I jumped out of bed. I was actually really pumped up for this run.




I had a few different outfit choices ready to go. The weather is cooler than usual, and I wasn’t sure what I would need.



I ended up layering my clothing, and lost the excess as the run went on.

Layer 1: Layer 2: Layer 3:
IMG_0710 IMG_0711 IMG_0714


Before I left, I warmed up with a cup of black tea:  




…and fueled up with half a bagel with almond butter and raspberry jam.




I picked up Caitlin and we headed to a more scenic area to get our run in. It’s getting pretty boring running around our apartments.




Once we got started on our run, things were going great! We were trying to take minimal walking breaks and maintain around a 10:30 min/mile pace.


I fueled up with a pack of Black Cherry Shot Bloks:


…and once my stomach started growling (since my breakfast was small) I broke off chunks of CLIF bar. It didn’t bother my stomach at all because I’m used to eating the entire thing before a long run.


The first 10 miles seemed to be dragging, mostly from anticipating how much farther we had to go.

My Garmin battery died around mile 15 and  by that point I was just ready for it to be OVER.

I challenged Caitlin to see if we could finish the last 5 miles under a 10:00 min/mile pace, making our total time under 3.5 hours. She accepted, and it was game on from there.


(Stolen from Caitlin… )

  • Distance: 20.0 miles
  • Duration: 3:27:58
  • Mile 1:10:54
  • Mile 2: 10:39
  • Mile 3: 10:43
  • Mile 4: 10:47
  • Mile 5: 10:23
  • Mile 6: 10:21
  • Mile 7: 10:22
  • Mile 8: 10:35
  • Mile 9: 10:47
  • Mile 10: 10:47
  • Mile 11: 10:43
  • Mile 12: 10:38
  • Mile 13: 10:35
  • Mile 14: 11:26 (walking break)
  • Mile 15: 10:32
  • Mile 16: 9:57
  • Mile 17: 9:29
  • Mile 18: 9:33
  • Mile 19: 9:16
  • Mile 20: 8:44 (BOOOYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!)



I was so incredibly proud of us!

I remember thinking this summer that running 20.0 miles a week was a lot. Here I am now running 20 miles in one morning! Such an improvement!


With my toe surgery stuff, I thought that I was going to be out of running, and the marathon goal was shot. I was so wrong! It was a minor setback, and if anything made me more determined to run strong.


Most entertainment of my weekend: Caitlin the Ninja…


I’m not going to lie… we were soooo happy to be done. I have never been so happy to see my car.


As soon as we were done with our run, we headed to Panera Bread to fill our bottomless pit stomachs.


I had a gingerbread bagel with hazelnut cream cheese. 😀


Caitlin finished an entire egg soufle + 3/4 of bagel in the time I finished half a bagel. She is a speedy eater! LOL.


Once we got back to Caitlin’s… we were already hungry again. Can you believe it?


Caitlin made us some delicious mac n’ cheese. We joked on our run that we didn’t want the healthy version, we were going for velveeta. You only live once!


We iced our knees and watched ELF (the Christmas movie). It was the best way to spend the day after our long run.


Later, we took Wheatgrass Shots…


…made a snack platter


  • Triscuits
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Trail Mix
  • Apple slices


…and had a few slices of the chocolate orange:


I’m now home and extremely sore! I need to do some stretching and ice my knees again.


Today is the very first time since I started marathon training that I can actually say that I think a marathon is attainable. I seriously NEVER believed that I could do it. I’m really excited, and I know I could do a full marathon!

❤ MegaNerd

First Watch and Pet Sitting

I’ve been truly lazy this holiday weekend.

I randomly took the day off of blogging yesterday, mainly because I just needed a mental break. I ate boring stuff like mac n cheese, anyways.

Jason and I slept in pretty late, and decided to head out for brunch this morning. I’ve really been wanting to try First Watch, so we headed there around 11:00 am.


There was about a twenty minute wait for a table so I grabbed a cup of free coffee…



I had a really hard time deciding on what to order. I was pretty hungry, and really craving eggs. I decided to get something that sounded super filling and calorie-filled since I’ve been slacking in the fueling department.


I ordered the Power Wrap which was basically an omelet all wrapped up.


On the side, it came with a fresh fruit cup:


It was a lot of food! I got pretty full after eating 3/4 of it, but since I’m running 20 miles tomorrow, I packed it all in there.


After brunch, we headed out on pet duty!

I’m pet-sitting Ryan’s kitten, Harvey, this weekend. He’s so adorable and I want to steal him. 😀


He’s really playful! We hung out for a while just to keep him company.


Jason and I were so impressed by Evan’s popsicle stick construction. Are you sure he isn’t a civil engineer?


Next up, we went to let out Caitlin’s dogs.

Maggie was SUPER hyper.


I played with her a bit inside, while Jason took [her other dog] James for a short walk.


I realized it’s REALLY hard to take cute pet pictures. It doesn’t stop me from wanting them, though. 😀

I’m not really hungry, but its’ 5:00pm and I need to get with this whole carb-loading before my long run.

This is my first time trying the PBJ CLIF Mojo bar, and I have to say I really like it!


I didn’t like the PBJ Larabar very much because of the dense texture. I really like this one because its crunchy and sweet. It tastes amazing!


I’m also snacking on [Clementines] x 10^n


I’m trying two new recipes tonight! I can’t wait to test them out!

I’ll be back tonight with a recap. In the meantime, I’ll be trying to wrap my head around 20 miles…

❤ Meganerd

Turkey Twelve

It was great to do a long run with my first and favorite running pal, Debbie.


The weather was nice and cool which made the run so much more enjoyable.

I was so unsure about how I would do about the twelve miler and how my toes would hold up. Everything was great, and I feel 95% back to normal (minus the soaking, bandaids, etc.)


Run Stats:

  • Distance: 12.0 miles
  • Time: 1:58:38
  • Average Pace: 9:52 min/miles


Around mile 7.0, we stopped to take a shot. A CLIF shot that is.


This was my first running “goo” that I have ever tried. It had a great flavor, but the texture was a bit hard to swallow. Pun intended.


Debbie and I were discussing that approximately two years ago today we did our first ever twelve miler. We were training for (my first, her second) half marathon and it felt so much different than today’s run.

Our first attempt ever at twelve miles was extremely hard! We struggled to finish and barely held an 11:00 min/mile pace. I remember stopping multiple times to walk and/or stretch. I also remember coming home, and collapsing on the floor because I was SO tired.

It’s crazy how things can change!! Twelve miles used to seem ridiculously hard, and now it seems like a “medium” run. 😀


By the time we got back, it was almost 1:00 pm. We are having a Thanksgiving dinner at 5:00pm, so we had some snacks instead of a full meal.


We made a delicious snack platter to split:


(this one we ate yesterday, but we ate it again today):

  • apples
  • pears
  • carrots
  • pumpkin butter
  • gouda cheese
  • triscuits

We were starving and couldn’t wait to dig in:


We had fun stacking up the snacks:


The ultimate snack. I would never have thought to put these things together. Surprisingly, it tasted amazing!


After showering and getting some food prepped, we made some peppermint tea…


…and had some trail mix:


  • Soynuts
  • pumpkin seeds
  • goji berries
  • flax seeds
  • raisins
  • mini peanut butter cups


It’s almost time for Thanksgiving dinner. It smells like Turkey in here, I can’t wait to eat!


I like food. Food is good.


❤ MegaNerd

Leisurely Long Run Morning

I’m sorry about such a quick post last night!


We are having Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and we spent most of the night baking and cooking delicious food!


This happens to be a carrot cake made from scratch…


Debbie was SUPPOSED to be shredding carrots, but had more fun eating them.


Cleary there was plenty of Pinot Noir involved… (I had 2.5 glasses!)


With all the counter spaces, the stove, and the oven occupied, we decided to order a pizza!


I had two slices of the extra large pizza…

One with Green Peppers
One with Spinach


We got to bed pretty late (after midnight) and slowly woke up somewhere around 8 or 9 am. I needed a bit of coffee to wake me up



Trader Joe’s 9 Whole Grain Crunch Cereal was the star of breakfast. I picked it up on our TJ adventure yesterday, along with $20 worth of other miscellaneous items. 😀


It was SO GOOD!


My breakfast mug included:

  • 1.5 cups of cereal
  • banana
  • vanilla Almond milk


It’s a new experience to have a leisurely morning before a long run!


Usually on long run mornings, the alarm goes off before 5:00 am. I then scramble to put my pre-selected running tank top and shorts on and shove a bagel or CLIF bar down my throat. As I’m eating, I rush out the door to meet Caitlin. We then pound out miles and miles of sweaty running before the sun comes up.

It gets really draining!


Since the weather he is pretty cold (40 degrees right now!) we are waiting until 10:00am to start our run because it’s slightly warmer.



I noticed that although I am nervous about running, I slept SO much better knowing that we could sleep in and start our run at any hour.


Enough playing around with the cats… we need to get running!


We have 12.0 miles on the schedule! I’m really nervous because I haven’t run more than 6.2 miles in two weeks!


I’ve never considered running a long run at any other time than the crack of dawn. When do you usually like to do your long run? What is your pre-long run routine?


❤ MegaNerd