Giant Pizza

I seriously think that I just ate the biggest piece of pizza ever.




I think it was easily equal to 4 slices!


A couple of my friends came over to hang out after school, and we picked up a giant Lazy Moon pizza. I got my own slice with some veggies because I can’t stand regular cardboard cheese and pepperoni.


Lazy moon is the UCF college kids hangout. It’s super cheap! It has been SO long since I had a giant slice. It was delicious.


Look how much bigger it is than my hand!




I tore off slightly less than half for dinner. It was very filling!




Today was pretty crazy, but I did manage to squeeze in a quick workout:

  • 1.0 mile jog for warm-up
  • walking lunges up and down the hall
  • hamstring curls on stability ball
  • calf raises off edge of stairs
  • 30 push-ups


My legs started burning?! Not bad for 20-ish minutes!


Rewind to this morning…

My morning started off 1.5 hours late. I slept through my alarm and missed the first hour of class. Whoops! Instead of grabbing coffee (I’m “kind of” trying to cut back") I whipped up a green monster to go.




Green Monster contained: banana, half cup milk, ice, and half a bag of spinach.


After my first class, I was starving again, and practically inhaled this Blueberry CLIF bar.




Luckily, I made my lunch ahead of time last night. I’m getting REALLY bad about buying food on campus, so my new strategy is to make food the night before.


I toasted two slices of bread to keep them from getting soggy. I stuffed it with Natural JIF peanut butter, and organic blackberry preserves, plus apple slices.




Basically a glorified PB+J with yogurt.




By 2:00pm, I was majorly dragging. I need my coffee STAT! I stopped at the on campus coffee shop for an iced caramel macchiato, which set me back just short of $5. So much for packing lunch and saving money! Oops…




Afternoon snackage was the rest of the bag of pita chips, carrots, celery, and hummus.




I honestly REALLY hate packing my lunch ahead of time. I feel like I have to eat what I packed and it isn’t usually what I’m craving. It stinks, but it’s just what I have to do to save money! My schedule doesn’t allow me to be home at all during the day. I leave at 6:30am and come home at 6:30 pm!


Does your school/work schedule require you to pack all of your meals ahead of time?


❤ MegaNerd

Three for Three

Today was the third day in a row of trying a new form of exercise!


Tuesday: Swimming

Wednesday: Indoor cycling

Thursday: Yoga!


I just got back from a late yoga class with Ryan. This was only my third experience with yoga, and I have to say I kind of liked it!



A few months ago I tried yoga at another gym but never really got hooked. I am really energetic and have a hard time being focused, so yoga is a bit of a challenge just to stay on the mat. 😉


I did a pretty good job packing healthy food today. I tend to not pack enough, so I made sure to pack extra stuff just in case.


I started my morning with a blueberry bagel. One side with peanut butter, one with raspberry preserves



…along with a banana. Such a happy breakfast!




Lunch was a turkey and cheese sammie on an English muffin (with mustard!). It’s a nice change from plain ole’ bread.




To go with it, I had a cup of V8 Butternut Squash soup.




Snacks included:


A packet of Emergen-C




peanut butter pretzel CLIF mojo bar…




…and a juicy pear!




It was just the right amount of food to keep my energy levels up throughout the day. I didn’t even need coffee!


I made a light dinner since I knew that I would be heading to yoga in less than an hour. I whipped up a piece of grilled chicken and some steamed squash. Nothing fancy!




I’m now munching on some popcorn before I head to bed. I’ve been craving popcorn randomly for like a week now. I think I mentioned it to Meghann when we hung out last week, and I have been talking/thinking about it ever since. Weeeeeeeird.


It’s late. Good-night!


❤ MegaNerd

Healthier On the Go

I realized today, that I think I actually might eat healthier when I’m not at home!


When forced to pack all my food with me for the day, it’s easy to see what’s missing. Too many grains? Balance it out with veggies and hummus… you get the idea.


My Wednesday’s are going to be the longest day of the week. I start with a 7:30 am class, and don’t get to leave campus until 9:00pm. That being said, I packed a variety of snacks to hold me through the day.


Before I left for school, around 6am, I had a bowl of Quaker oatmeal squares with vanilla soymilk. This stuff is so good!




By 9:00am, I was STARVING! I stopped at the local coffee shop and picked up a nonfat double latte. I also had the Kashi Pumpkin Pie Granola bar that has been randomly floating around in my bag.




Lunch was pretty much thrown together at school. I packed bread, a banana, and a packet of Barney Butter (Almond)…




…which I assembled into sandwich form around noon. Fresh sandwiches just taste better to me!




Three o’clock rolled around, and I was REALLY ready for my snack. I packed veggies, pita chips, hummus, and a clementine. This was pretty much a mini meal!


IMG_1549 IMG_1550 IMG_1551


I got bored, so I made random little hummus/veggie/chip sandwich things. I’m easily amused.




I also munched on this Larabar before my last class. I’m not really sure I like these things, but I’m eating them because they were free at the Disney marathon expo. I feel like they are just too dense for my taste.




I came home to dinner made by Jason. I called him on my way home begging to put this frozen Kashi pizza in the oven, I was so hungry! He also made broccoli, which was a nice addition.




Everything tastes better when you’re hungry! Nom. Nom. Nom.




Hey, wait?! How did those get there?!




So there you have it… a full day of MegaNerd eats. I forgot to mention that I had an extremely large handful of granola as well. I’ve been a hungry one lately!


Do you have trouble eating healthy on the go?


Off to bed! I have some exciting news to share in the morning!! 😀


❤ MegaNerd

Living on Campus

It’s down to the final two weeks.


Finals are next week, and that means it’s CRUNCH time! I will probably be packing lunch/dinner every single day and eating in the library.


Yesterday, I spent ALL day on campus. I had lab at 7:30 am, and stayed until after my last class ended at 10:30pm. I was actually pretty productive, and I hope to continue the week on that trend!


I started my morning with a bowl of cereal:


  • 1 cup Trader Joe’s cereal
  • banana
  • 1/2 cup vanilla soy milk
  • 1 TBL ground flax


I was in a rush to get out the door, so I packed a hodge-podge of food.


I really had no plan of what meal was what when I packed it.


I ended up eating it all at random times, but since I was busy I don’t really remember when. I never felt starving/too hungry so that was great.


My main meal was a turkey and provolone sammie on grain bread:



Pink Lady apple (so tart!) and a clementine:



Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Chips:



Finally found it! The Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie Yogurt:


….which I topped with some homemade trail mix:


My trail mix included:

  • Honey Roasted Soynuts
  • Pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
  • golden raisins
  • goji berries
  • dark chocolate chunks


(I also had a 1/2 of a subway sandwich that my friend shared with me, but I left my camera at home).


It’s going to be a crazy two weeks! I have a design project, two quizzes, 5 final exams, and a half marathon!

It’s time to get cracking!

❤ MegaNerd

Meals on the Go

I had to say goodbye to my little sister this afternoon. 😦


Before we left for the airport, I made a Mexican themed lunch:


I had a cup of black bean soup


…and a salad.


My salad included:

  • romaine lettuce
  • green bell pepper
  • crumbled chips
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • cheese
  • salsa

On the way to test number two of the day, I ate a CLIF bar mini in the car. I almost brought a Pumpkin pie Kashi bar, but I have missed the Brownie! Jason always steals them, but this one was buried in the bar stash! 😀


I also stopped at D and D for some Latte love! 99 cents, can’t beat it!


I packed my dinner in a little Fresh n’ Fit container that I have actually had for a while, but never use. It comes with an ice pack, and individual compartments for snacks. In case anyone is wondering, I found it at Target.


In the main compartment I packed a turkey and cheese sandwich. The ice pack fits over the sandwich area, and rests on little “shelves” so it doesn’t squish the sandwich.


I filled the top two containers with fruits and veggies: one with carrots and peas, and one with strawberries.


Each of those fits into the groves on the ice pack…


…and closes with the lid!


It kept my food cold (for 6 hours) without having to pack the whole bulky lunch cooler! I really liked using it!

What do you use to carry around your meals or snacks when you’re on the go?


Edited to add: I’m currently nibbling on Mickey’s Ear… ok… putting down the rice krispie treat…


❤ MegaNerd

Very Productive Wednesday

I love it when I finish the day knowing I got everything accomplished that I needed to. Isn’t that the best feeling?

My sister and I started our errands pretty early this morning. We stopped at Dunkin donuts for some coffee. I forgot my camera, so I had to use hers. Her memory card isn’t compatible with my computer, so I had to take pictures of the camera. Sorry for the HORRIBLE quality!!


I discovered that small lattes (I ordered a nonfat, one pump vanilla) are only 99 cents at DD. I traded my one dollar bill for this amazing little drink. They taste better than Starbucks!! YUMM!

I asked the lady how the pumpkin munchkins tasted, and she generously let me try one for free! Two points for DD!!


Again, sorry for the photo.

After errands, it was time for school. I spent my entire afternoon in the lab working on my concrete design project.


I feel bad for having to drag my sister to the lab for 5 hours, but she was a trooper!  She worked on a playlist for Saturday’s Halloween Party.


My sister is such a ham.


I packed my lunch along, plate and all!


I made it in a rush this morning, so it was slightly boring.


My lunch included:

  • Turkey and Cheese sandwich
  • Apple Slices
  • carrot
  • snap peas

No worries, there were more fruits and veggies eaten not pictured on the plate…


…and around 4:00 pm an Endure Glo Bar. (Made by Angela, Given to me by Caitlin!)


Once I got home it was almost 6:00 pm. I needed to get my run in, but felt a little hungry so I made a banana with Almond butter for a snack.


I managed to get my run in, with the help of my sister!! She dragged my butt to the gym, and I managed to get in 4.0 miles in 35:45on the treadmill. It was fast, but felt easy!

This morning I was unsure about how running in the evening would be, and honestly I thought about skipping it. I’m so glad I did it.


Dinner was delicious!


I made a little bit of something for everyone:

My favorite part was the Salmon!!


Plus, a chocolate chip cookie for dessert…they are so good.


I need to continue this very productive day… I still have some things I need to get done!


❤ MegaNerd

Busy and Unmotivated

I’ve been a busy bee since I last posted!

Yesterday afternoon, my sister and I worked on our Halloween costumes. It took up a good chunk of the afternoon, and before I knew it, it was time for class!

I struggled to come up with something to eat, since it was about 3:30 when I had to make dinner. I made a bunch of pasta so that Brielle and JasoNerd would have plenty when they were ready to eat (I have to eat at school since I have class from 4:30-10:30).


My pasta included:

  • Penne pasta
  • white beans
  • broccoli (steamed)
  • marinara sauce
  • parmesan cheese

I have to eat my dinners cold, which is getting so old! I also have to break it into two parts, since I have two ten minute breaks. I can’t wait to be on a normal schedule again!

By the time I got home, it was almost 11:00 and I was wiped! I knew that I had a 6.0 mile run on the marathon training plan and I was feeling VERY unmotivated to set the alarm and wake up to run. I immediately texted Caitlin to see if she would run with me!

I met at her apartment, and we ran a total of 6.0 miles. We took a few walking breaks, but still managed to run in just over an hour.


When I am feeling unmotivated to get out and run, I’ve found that it helps to:

  • Run with a friend– This is especially great if you have a lot to chat about!
  • Change the scenery- I like to run somewhere different than usual.
  • Download new music onto your ipod, listening to the same stuff tends to get boring
  • Think about the run in smaller chunks– Today I thought about running two 3.0 mile runs, out and back. It made the time pass faster.


What are your tricks for motivating yourself, when you just don’t feel like exercising?

Before I left, I fueled up with a piece of Almond Butter and Organic Jelly toast. Normally I wouldn’t need such a big snack, but I had not eaten anything since dinner, which was 14 hours prior!


By the time I got home, I was pretty hungry. I made a big yogurt bowl!


My bowl included:

  • container of Stonyfield Black Cherry yogurt
  • 1/2 cup granola
  • banana



I have a LOT to get done today!!! It’s already 11:00 am and I haven’t even showered. Must get on that.

❤ MegaNerd