Anticlimactic Finish

So this is it?


Tonight was my last night of ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE classes… EVER! Wow! What a weeeeirrrrd feeling.


The last class of my undergraduate career was Geotechnical Design. My group put together our project over the past 10 weeks, and we got up to present it in front of several professionals. It was nerve wracking, but my group did great!




I’ve spent the past 5 years working my butt off, studying hard, and learning countless engineering formulas and theories. Finally. I am done.


Done. Done. Done. 😀 In a singy-songy voice of course!


It kind of just snuck up on me, too. How very anticlimactic.


Myself and a few of my classmates headed out to the on campus bar, Tailgaters. Yes, it is epic that we have a bar on campus.



 IMG_0818 IMG_0819 


I ordered an Oberon beer with an orange. I squeezed in to the bar just before the end of happy hour!




Best beer ever. As in, I-worked-five-years-for-that-beer kind of good.


And so, life continues…


❤ MegaNerd