Who knew that all of this running and biking could be so incredibly unglamorous!?


This morning, Caitlin asked me to go on a bike ride with her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to bike for a few days due to a crazy schedule so I happily agreed.


It was a great ride! I ended up riding 25.0 miles (I only planned on 10-15) in 1 hour, 52 minutes. We chatted about Caitlin’s upcoming 100 mile bike race and I am so excited for her!


It was a fun ride, and I even found a dollar bill on the side of the road! Dolla Dolla Bill, yo!




Apparently in the past few weeks, it became summer in Florida. I didn’t pack enough water and I had to borrow some of Caitlin’s.


I came home and was pretty much STARVING! It was well passed my normal lunch time, so I whipped up a quick Hawaiian Muffin Pizza.




I used:

  • whole wheat english muffin
  • marinara sauce
  • string cheese
  • ham slice
  • pineapple chunks


I baked it for 10 minutes at 350F. So good!


I also roasted some broccoli on the side.





Delicious and filling meal!




While I was cleaning up from lunch, I noticed some strange markings on my hands…(where the gloves go.)




Then, I noticed my wrist looking pale (where the Garmin lives)…




…I then looked down at my legs…




OMG! I am SO sunburnt!


I started panicking! SKIN CANCER! SKIN CANCER!


I ran to the bathroom and checked out my back, which was also exposed to the sun.




Uh-Oh. I am officially a lobster.


I can’t believe that in two hours I managed to get so red! This is bad news. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow night, and I’m wearing a strapless dress!


What should I DO!!?


I always think of all the GOOD things that running and biking do for my body. A strong heart, strong legs, strong lungs, stress relief, and pure joy of exercise.


Today, I thought of all of the UNGLAMOUROUS things that they have done for me.


My toes/feet are ruined.




I have permanently tattooed bike chain greased leg.




Shorts tan lines.




…and now, a sunburned back. Le sigh.


I really don’t know what to do about this. YIKES!


❤ MegaNerd

Running Errands

This morning, I decided to multi-task my run and errands. They don’t call it running errands for nothing!


I had a DVD to return to the nearest redbox, which happened to be 2.0 miles away. I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife last night, which was kind of weird, but either way, I had to get it turned in before I went to work.




I was SO happy to take a break at the halfway. It was already hot at 7:00am, and I was happy to be able to top of my water bottle at the water fountain.




I ended up completing 4.0 miles in 40:27, which has been my longest run in 1.5 months. Running is getting a bit easier, but 4 miles sure isn’t what it used to be. I felt slow and heavy. Blah.




Once I got back, I made a delicious bowl of cold cereal. I think I should start buying stock in Kashi. I am kind of obsessed.




Another day of work awaits me. Time to get going!


I can’t wait for the weekend! I am heading to North Carolina tomorrow to see my mom for Mother’s Day. 😀


❤ MegaNerd