Wintery Run

This morning, I attempted my first ever run in the snow!




They plowed the roads yesterday morning, but they were still pretty icy. I waited until almost noon before venturing out, hoping that the sun would  melt the ice off the black pavement.


This is what the road looked like yesterday morning…



I layered up with pants, a tank, a long sleeve moisture wicking shirt, a jacket, gloves, and a warm fuzzy headband thing. It didn’t take but two minutes until I realized that it’s pretty windy outside, and came back in for a wind breaker.



I’m used to running in HOT, hot, and warm. This whole layering up for my runs is foreign to me. I was born in Florida, and have lived there for almost 23 years. I have seen snow 3 times in my life and have no idea how to deal with it!




I really didn’t want to have to wait until I got back home on Tuesday to get a run in, because that would mean taking an unplanned week off of running. Not so hot in the last 3 weeks of marathon training!


I had a 7.0 miler on the schedule, but once I got out there, I knew there was NO way that I was going to make it that far. My mom’s neighborhood is extremely hilly (Florida is flat as a pancake), and the roads were still a bit icy.


I took each step with caution. I walked on the downhills because I didn’t want to slip and bust my butt. I took it slow on the uphills, well, because it was hard. There was pretty much no flat areas.




It took me 47 minutes to complete a 4.0 mile run! That is the slowest I have taken… EVER. It’s funny because my muscles feel like I got in an awesome workout!? Weird.



I’m taking this run with a grain of salt. Compared to normal runs, time and distance-wise, it sucked. However, I feel like I accomplished something just by getting out the door! I’m proud of myself for not skipping it altogether. 😀




When I came in the door after my run, I felt a rush of warm air and the smell of something baking in the oven.


My mom baked an applesauce cake!





I served myself one big and one little piece. It was so moist! It reminded me of banana bread, but with apple and raisins.




With a cup of coffee to warm me up!




It was the perfect post run snack to warm me up.




(Oh, I had an unpictured banana before my run as well)


My grandma is coming over at 3:00 for family dinner and gift exchange. I better go wrap presents! 😀


❤ MegaNerd