Anticlimactic Finish

So this is it?


Tonight was my last night of ENGINEERING UNDERGRADUATE classes… EVER! Wow! What a weeeeirrrrd feeling.


The last class of my undergraduate career was Geotechnical Design. My group put together our project over the past 10 weeks, and we got up to present it in front of several professionals. It was nerve wracking, but my group did great!




I’ve spent the past 5 years working my butt off, studying hard, and learning countless engineering formulas and theories. Finally. I am done.


Done. Done. Done. 😀 In a singy-songy voice of course!


It kind of just snuck up on me, too. How very anticlimactic.


Myself and a few of my classmates headed out to the on campus bar, Tailgaters. Yes, it is epic that we have a bar on campus.



 IMG_0818 IMG_0819 


I ordered an Oberon beer with an orange. I squeezed in to the bar just before the end of happy hour!




Best beer ever. As in, I-worked-five-years-for-that-beer kind of good.


And so, life continues…


❤ MegaNerd

Auburn Bound + ASCE 2009

I’m currently blogging from the road!


The charter bus picked us up this morning, and we are off to Auburn University in Alabama! I’m heading there for this year’s Southeast Regional Conference.


(Last year’s conference, March 2009)



Since there isn’t much happening right now other than a whole lot of sleeping (and eating trail mix) I figured I’d recap LAST YEAR’s conference! It’s set up basically the same every year.


Last year around the same time, about 55 ASCE members packed the bus and headed to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.




It was a super cold and wintery looking weekend, but still pretty!




Civil Engineering involves many different aspects covering pretty much everything that makes a city “civilized”. Think running water, roads, buildings, infrastructure, etc.


The conference has several different competitions, and a few members participate in each. Last year, I participated in the transportation competition.


Friday is the main conference day. We all go around and support each other and cheer one another on. It all starts with testing the concrete canoes.





Yep, canoes made of concrete. We named ours, Krack Killz





We race them on Saturday, so they have to be checked for safety. They are submerged in water, and they have to float to the top to pass the test.




See all the cool layers?




Then there is Balsa Wood bridge. Super thin wood + glue + heavy load until it cracks. Strongest one for least amount of wood wins!




…and Concrete Cylinder (trying to make the best mix design)…




…and everyone’s favorite, Steel Bridge!




Saturday is spent at the lake. This is when we get to race the canoes!




Racing the canoe is hard, but they make it look easy!





It was freezing last year, I’m crossing my fingers for nice weather!


Once all the competitions are done, points are added and winners are selected. Saturday night is all about the banquet. We get dressed up, have a fancy dinner and let loose!




I wish I would have been blogging last year, the food was EPIC! Don’t worry, I’ll take the camera this time.


Last year we placed third overall! Go UCF!




Everyone works very hard to get here and I really hope that we can do well again this year!


(Note the short dark hair and bangs… maybe I should do that again?)



This year, I am the captain of the transportation team! One of my members got sick, so I’m a bit nervous but I think we will be fine.


We just got to Auburn, and I’m off to the captains’ meeting! I can’t wait to share the weekend with you all.


Were you a part of any professional organizations in college? Have you been on a “field trip” to a conference before?


❤ MegaNerd