Whole New Boyfriend

The boyfriend and I just got back from a run, and guess what? Jason ran further than he ever has before, 3.75 miles! The most he has ever done is a 5k! I’m so proud!!

He has been training to run this weekends 5k with me. Tonight was his long run, so I went with him for motivation. His goal for the race is to just finish, so we ran at an easy 11:00 min/mile pace, and picked it up to 9:30 over the last mile or so.

I am seriously SUPER proud of him! He has been working hard, and is improving so much!

He commented on our walk back to the apartment that running and eating healthier is making him have more energy and he doesn’t feel the need to come home and nap for two hours every day! He also asks for broccoli and fruit in his lunch…umm… who is this boy, and where did the old Jason go?


This afternoon, I paced myself through homework and still managed to have time to make some homemade granola!


I made Apple-Oats Granola and served with plain fat free yogurt . So good!


I got into my study groove and never really took another break. When Jason got home, I changed for our run, and grabbed a banana on the way out the door.


Jason, on the other hand, thought that a giant plate of cookies was a better pre-run snack.


No worries, he didn’t eat all of those, he just didn’t want to dirty another plate (so he claims).


After our run, I was craving grilled cheese and tomato soup, but we didn’t have any cheese left.

I settled with tomato soup… (V8 tomato herb, Campbell’s has HFCS!)


…homemade bread…


… and grilled zucchini circles (I ate them with my fingers!)


Clean. Simple. Just what I was in the mood for!


I’m off to finish my hydrology assignment… and snag a cookie out of the kitchen! 😉


*** I plan to share the recipes for the homemade bread and the apple-oat granola very soon!***


I love that Jason asks me to run with him. He doesn’t even know how happy that makes me! Do you inspire your significant other to run? Have they inspired you?

❤ MegaNerd

Eat to Live.

Without explaining the entire story, I will say that today has been quite stressful. I had to finish an entire submittal (homework assignment) that takes like a whole week in 6 hours.

I was calculating so much stuff I thought my calculator (and brain) were going to explode.

The time flew by and suddenly I realized that it was almost time to go to class! I hadn’t even thought about dinner, and my plans to go to the gym fizzled out.

I popped a frozen Kashi meal into the microwave..


… while I snacked on yogurt and granola.


I put the food into the to-go container and it looked way too small. I bulked it up with some already steamed broccoli, which basically doubled the volume. It needs to keep me full for 5 hours!


I ate this cold during my break, and it tasted fine.


When I get stressed, NOTHING else matters. School is “what I’m doing” right now, and I take it really seriously. As much as I would have liked to eat something more well-rounded then a CLIF bar as breakfast, or a frozen meal for dinner, I just plain ran out of time.

I would be lying to you if I said I had time to think about meals ahead of time and have them all planned them out. Tonight (and I have a feeling many dinners to follow) are going to be on a whim. .

I feel like many people, especially food bloggers, are true “foodies”. Most of my concern for what I’m eating relates to:

  • how it makes me feel
  • will it fuel me/ re-fuel me for a run
  • will it allow my brain to function and focus at school
  • does it taste good enough

I know that many times I eat to live, not live to eat. I enjoy eating, but sometimes, I really feel like eating and meal prep get in the way (time/effort-wise). No worries, I never skip a meal- they just aren’t always the most well-rounded and beautiful.

The only thing I actually crave is chocolate. I just ate a piece. 😀

That being said, I would like to try to plan more meals in advance, and perhaps cook a few things on Sunday that I could have ready to go during the week. I feel like I would get more variety and feel better that I’m not always eating pre-packaged stuff.

Do you consider yourself a “foodie” or “someone who eats” ? Have you found a balance between “eating to live” and “living to eat”?

❤ MegaNerd


Jason left pictures of his dinner on the camera for me to blog about! LOL. He was “proud of his masterpiece”.


Looks like we have chicken soup (that I made!) with a Pesto grilled cheese. He says that he made a normal grilled cheese, but spread pesto on the insides of the bread.


How adorable. I love him. ❤


Guess what?!?!

 I have decided to Run the Disney Marathon!



I’ve known for a while that I was going to run a marathon in early 2010, and was going back and forth debating between Gasparilla and Disney.

I really thought I was going to run Gasparilla for a number of reasons:

  • 10th and final year for the full
  •  it was my mom’s first marathon
  • favorite and fastest half marathon
  • its waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper

BUT… I will have plenty of support running Disney: Caitlin, Kelly, Meghann, Ashley , and my BFF Debbie. I really didn’t want to train and race alone!

I have finally made my decision, and I’m super excited!

Running a marathon has always been a dream goal of mine, ever since I started running in early 2007. Since then, I have run three half marathons, and am scared to death about running a full! I know that with proper training and determination, I can do it!


Here’s how my racing season is shaping up:

  • September 12: Rock N’ Run 5k (recap of both here)
  • September 26: Miracle Miles 15k (never raced this distance before)
  • November 15: Runners Classic 10k
  • December 5: OUC Half Marathon (I have run this twice before!)
  • January 10: DISNEY MARATHON!!!!
  • February 28: Gasparilla Half Marathon

Gaaaah! I’m super excited… you have no idea 😀


Any other bloggers out there coming to Orlando to run Disney Marathon?!


Wow… such a let down after all the running excitement!

I had 1/2 can of Amy’s Veggie chili:


With Pepperjack cheese and Kashi crackers:


(It’s freeeeezing in my apartment!)


It wasn’t bad, but obviously not as good as homemade!

Have you run a marathon? Any advice for a first-timer? 😀

❤ MegaNerd


I got back from class around 6:15 pm, and Jason suggested we go for a 2.5 mile run. Once we got out there, he wanted to try to run 3.0… but it ended up turning into 3.5 miles!!! I was really impressed with Jason’s determination! We started off at about a 9:45 pace… and by the end we were at around 11:00 min/mile. 

He was really struggling at the end, but I just kept telling him that he should be proud! It’s the farthest he has ever run before (most before was a 5k)!  He was a bit Grouchy afterwards, saying he was tired and worn out, but he’s already talking about working up to 4 miles this weekend.

He said his ultimate goal is a 10k and has been training to run the 5k with me in two weeks! Our last 5k we ran together was almost a year ago! (I love this picture! LOL)



After only two days of packing dinner to eat on campus, I was really looking forward to eating a hot meal at home!

We have so many leftover ingredients in our fridge, I decided to use some of them up!

I sliced and grilled a zucchini on the GF grill, and put the slices on top of toasted bread. I then add a spoonful of the ricotta cheese/basil/oregano leftover from the other night’s lasagna. Add a sprinkle of red pepper flakes… and voila! 


Remember the pasta salad? Well… I made too much pasta and so we had that on the side, mixed with marinara sauce.


Ta-da! It was really good and the textures went together really well. Jason thinks it would be cool to make this a sandwich, and add marinara sauce and another slice of bread. I think I might do that!


Keeping in the “JasoNerd” theme… here’s his plate:


He eats the same stuff as me, just twice as much. He works outside and walks around for a lot of the day, so he needs a lot of energy!

Speaking of that crazy boy… off to spend some time with him! 😀

***Edit to add: I’m tired. I forgot to post my other snacks today. Oops… Here they are!

La Croix sparkling water, recommended by Meghann:


Half a peanut toffee buzz CLIF bar during the most boring class ever:


Good-night, for real! ***

❤ MegaNerd

Third Times a Charm

It’s now 10:00 and I’m finally eating dinner! I am so hungry, my arm was starting to look tasty.

I didn’t actually plan on eating this late… Here’s what happened:

This afternoon I had half of Angela’s Glo Bar from the Summit Swag Bag. Wow… it was REALLY good! I am super impressed!! It tasted super fresh, and still chewy like a store-bought bar. 😀 It was really dense, which is why I only ate half. I wanted to be hungry for my early dinner.


I left for school a bit early, so that I could eat my dinner before class. It didn’t start until 6:00 pm, but I just was NOT hungry at 5:30. I’m used to eating at 7:30 or 8! I went ahead and took the picture while it was daylight, though!


I decided to wait until between classes 7:15-7:30, but I realized that they were in total opposite ends of campus, leaving exactly 2 minutes to eat dinner. Umm… not going to happen!

Once class was over, I decided just to wait until I got home. Man oh man. Third times a charm!

But, anyways… I’m eating nonetheless, and am thankful that I have food to eat!

I was really craving sweet potato (odd?) and I was trying to think of ways to eat it cold. I ended up microwaving a potato, peeling the skin, mashing it up, and adding brown sugar and cinnamon.


I was unsure about eating it cold, but it tasted really good! It reminded me of pumpkin pie. I might add some pumpkin pie spice next time!

The other part of dinner was a big salad:


It included:

  • field greens
  • grapes
  • apple slices
  • mandarin oranges
  • walnuts
  • almonds
  • poppyseed dressing on the side!

Again, delicious… but when is it not?

Moral of the story: I need to learn to adapt to my new eating schedule. I don’t have the luxury of eating whenever I feel like. I’ll keep experimenting with eating before/after and see what works out best for me!

If you class from 6:00-9:20pm, when would you eat dinner? Before, and then a snack? Or… half before/half after?

❤ MegaNerd

Perfect Friday Night Food

Wow, those fake noodles did not hold me at all! Note to self: eat the real stuff next time!

Only a couple hours after I ate them, I was STARVING again. I used my coupon that Stonyfield Organic sent me to “buy”this Black cherry yogurt. I instantly thought of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia (my absolute favorite!).


To make my copycat version, I simply added chocolate chips (plus a few more half way through) … pure heaven!


Still hungry, I munched on some apricots…


…and a Honey Graham Z-bar.


Neither Jason and I felt like cooking tonight… clearly I was keeping with my “Lazy Friday” theme. This Amy’s Pesto Pizza came in quite handy:


A mere thirteen minutes later….Nice and crispy!


I had the 2 largest of the 6 slices, and Jason ate the rest. I served it with some steamed carrots and broccoli.


This is probably the best frozen pizza I have ever had! I have always been a Kashi pizza fan, but something about the pesto crust won me over!


I really wanted some more Sam Adams after last weeks brewery tour. I poured myself a glass, and gave Jason the rest.


What is a good pizza without good beer?

Perfect Friday night food!

I am doing something rather odd in the morning, so be sure to check back to find out what it is!

❤ MegaNerd

Black Bean Quesadilla

Today’s Project: Paint my living room wall back to the original color before this weekend, since I’m moving out of this apartment next Friday! I wish that I could leave it… Isn’t it pretty? My favorite color is green, which is why I painted it this color.

Yay, my living room! 🙂 It’s so homey to me. I had to move all the furniture to be able to even start. I had to prime the wall first, which is a chore.

Half way through the wall, I realized I was out of primer… hmm… so I took a break, ate a quick snack (painting works up an appetite!) and went to Home Depot to get some more Primer. I had a little bowl of Whole grain Goldfish leftover from the beach trip.

Note to Self: Make sure you have enough paint/primer for the entire wall before starting.

Oh well, Jason bought this little can last night (probably because it was only $8 as opposed to the larger gallon size which was $19). I went ahead and got the larger size so HOPEFULLY it will last!! It’s four times the amount as the small ones, so I think I’m good to go.

Once I got back from errands, I decided to try something new for lunch. I get sooo sick of turkey sandwich and salad, blah blah blah. I made a black bean quesadilla!

My black bean quesadilla had:

  • 2 TBL leftover brown rice
  • 1/4 cup black beans
  • 1/4 cup reduced fat shredded cheddar cheese
  • sprinkle of Chili, cumin, and salt
  • High Fiber wrap.

I heated it up on the George Foreman Grill until it looked melty, not an exact science. It ended up being really tastey! I think for the average person it wouldn’t taste cheesy enough but I’m not a huge cheese fan to begin with so it was just right for me!

I also made a small salad on the side of spinach and half a tomato. I used 1 TBL of Newmans’ Own Lime Vinagrette!! MMM… Perfect compliment to any mexican dish!

Well, it’s back to priming the wall for me! Fun, fun, fun!!

❤ Meganerd