Whole Paycheck

When Caitlin asked me to come to lunch with her at Whole Foods this afternoon, I didn’t hesitate!




I had a gift card that I “had to” use up, leftover from Christmas!




I always go a little crazy when I’m hungry at the hot bar. It’s so tempting to pile my plate up. I didn’t load up too much this time, but I was pretty darn full when I finished.




My plate included:


  • yucca fries
  • tofu
  • squash medley
  • Israeli couscous with chickpeas
  • gorgonzola, walnut, spinach and balsamic salad


I also had a Peach Oo-la-long Honest Tea. My favorite is the Mango Acai but they were out! This one was really delicious, too!




I probably could have bought the whole store…




…but I left using only what I needed + one “fun” item. Some things, like tofu, are much cheaper than at my regular grocery store.


Obviously, I didn’t leave the store without picking up a vegan everything cookie! YUM!




I love Whole foods, but I fear for my wallet every time I walk in there. I am usually pretty good, but with my gift card, I  splurged on ten dollar epic almond butter. It seemed easier to spend that then my cash since it felt “free”.


If you had an unlimited gift card to Whole Foods, what would you buy?

I would buy:

  • Tons of Greek yogurt
  • Expensive wine
  • The Vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe (hehe)
  • One of each of the beers on the “beer wall” for me and all my friends
  • Several ten dollar almond butter jars
  • Organic chicken
  • Cage-free organic eggs (they are $4.99!)
  • Protein powder
  • Natural beauty products


Too bad my gift card won’t go that far…or my paycheck.


❤ MegaNerd