Dandelion Do-Over

The weather in Central Florida is so nice this weekend! I am actually wearing jeans and not dying of heat! 😀


My only day off work this week was on Saturday, so I took full advantage of getting out and about. I had some errands to run near downtown, and decided to stop for lunch at Dandelion Communitea Cafe.


I have only ever been once before, in summer of 2009. I had a bad experience and didn’t like what I ordered… at all! I have heard other people say good things about it, and have wanted to give it another shot. I’m glad that I did!

The atmosphere inspired me to embrace my inner hippie.



I perused the menu for something that didn’t look like I could make at home. Many of the items are very basic… like a fluffer nutter sandwich. Why would I pay someone to make that for me?!


I ended up deciding on the special: a pressed black bean burrito.


The burrito was made of a whole wheat wrap, stuffed with black beans, corn, quinoa, whirled peas (pea guacamole), and cheese.


On the side, it came with a vegan queso sauce and blue corn chips. I was hesitant about the queso, being made with a peanut butter base, but it was actually quite delicious! I probably would not have known it included PB unless I was told.






I hated it. 😉 Actually, I almost licked the plate clean. Who knew vegan cheese could be… good?!


Have you ever had a sub-par experience at a restaurant the first time, but decided to go back and give it a second chance?

❤ MegaNerd


Nine Days to Go

Guess what?! Only 9 days until I run my 5th Half-Marathon! I’m so excited to race again.


This morning I met Kelly bright and early for a long run. Training time is winding down, so I have started to taper.


Running with friends is always so much better than running alone. Especially when those friends push you to run a wee bit farther or longer than you could do alone! I ran 8.0 miles with Kelly before passing out… I mean, going to work, of course. 😉


Due to my speed workout (and lunges of death) on Wednesday, I was a tad more sore than I would have hoped for. Either way, I still managed to keep a steady 9:42 min/mile average pace. Go me!


Pre-run, I gobbled down a piece of PB toast…


Post-run (and showering at the gym,) I grabbed a Starbucks Oatmeal to take with me to work.


It’s healthier and more filling than grabbing a scone or sugar bomb muffin.


I was being indecisive, so I asked for all three toppings. 🙂


Along with it, I had a nonfat Caramel Macchiato. Delicious!


One week from today, my BFF Debbie will be flying in to town for the St. Pete Women’s Half Marathon! It will be my 5th half, and our 3rd half run together!


Flashback to OUC half-marathon, 2007: We finished together in 1:54:23. Not bad for a first half-marathon?


Now THAT, my friends, is a race face.


I’m getting excited! I can’t wait to share my race goals… coming soon!


❤ MegaNerd

Pesto Tomato Salmon

I now present to you: One of my favorite ways to make fish. Ever.


Cover it with a hefty serving of pesto, and top it with slices of tomato!


The pesto keeps the fish from drying out (in my opinion.) Such a good combination of flavors!


Pasta and veggies make great side items…

DSC_1114  DSC_1117

A little tip about baking salmon: fold under the thinner side to make the fish the same thickness throughout. Doing this allows the salmon to bake evenly, instead of having one side over/under done!


Off to bed. I’m wiped out! I’m meeting Kelly bright and early tomorrow morning for a long run! 😀


What is your favorite way to make salmon?


❤ MegaNerd

Naturally Brielle

One of the best parts of having a Cosmetologist for a sister…


…she does my hair! (For free!)



Brielle used to have a beauty blog, called Hair Body and Sole. She decided that blogging really isn’t her style, so she started a YouTube channel! I’ve gotten a few questions/e-mails asking if she still had her hair blog, and the answer is… kind of! 😉


To introduce my sister to you all, Brielle made a video! You can find her at www.youtube.com/user/naturallybrielle She emphasizes natural beauty, which I love!


Brielle, blog friends. Blog world, meet Brielle.


So there you have it. An embarassing video of me, and my awesomely talented sister, cutting my hair. Hooray for this shameless plug.




❤ MegaNerd

Toy Story Soup

When life hands you a box of Toy Story Macaroni and Cheese…


…you make soup!


I had a craving for homemade soup tonight, and this didn’t disappoint!


I started with these basic ingredients:



Macaroni and cheese was on sale for $0.59/box so I used this instead of buying a whole box of pasta. Obviously, I didn’t mix the powder part in, but just used the noodles.


Can you spot these characters? “The Claaaaaw” Alien, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Hamm!


I roasted carrots, broccoli, and onion to add to the mixture, along with an entire bag of baby spinach.


I didn’t use a recipe, but threw things into the pot.


YUM! 😀


It was quick, easy, filling, and delicious. It hit the spot!


Before my soup adventure, I got in a decent 4.0 mile run. I ended up doing a speed workout on  the treadmill which included warm-up, cool down, and 4x800m intervals at a 8:20 min/mile pace. I can’t believe my half-marathon is in just 10 days! Even more, I can’t believe I’m even back in shape enough to run a half marathon.


I’m off to get a bit of work done! I have a fun video post for you in the morning. 🙂


❤ MegaNerd

I Did Something Crazy…

I just entered the 2011 NYC Marathon Lottery. I need a redemption from the Disney marathon.




YIKES! Here’s hoping I get in! (Along with BFF Debbie.)


Have you run the NYCM?


❤ MegaNerd

The Hills are Alive

The hills here are killer. I thought about skipping my run, but resisted the urge. Hills are good for me! I completed my scheduled 6.0 miler in 59:01. I was highly impressed with my time considering I was running the entire thing on steep hills!


Since I’m a nerd for all things math, check out this graph of pace vs. elevation. At some points, I was running up a 20% grade. Crazy, huh?


After my run, I chugged a large glass of water. I then had my first hot chocolate of the season. Including mini-marshmallows. 🙂


I spent the afternoon lounging around the house, watching mindless hours of television. I haven’t had a chance to do this in months. Usually, I find relaxing stressful. I was surprised at how painfully easy it was to literally do nothing (other than eat, run, and blog.)


My mom made a creamy homemade potato soup for dinner.


Two bowls later, I was nice and full.


It was a buttery, rich, chunky potato soup, made entirely from scratch. There’s nothing better than homemade soup on a cold day. Mmmmm.


Do you incorporate hill training into your routine? I think I would be much more likely to if I, ya know, actually had the option to on a regular basis.


My sister is giving me a haircut tonight. Cross your fingers it turns out OK!


❤ MegaNerd