Coming Up for Air

I’ve been studying all day. Time to come up for air. 😀


This week is a pretty low key week as far as my actual classes go. I have no homework due or tests, but the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) exam is this Saturday! I can’t believe it!

This test is a pretty big deal. I spent the majority of the day with my head crammed in the review manual. I will be so happy when it’s over!!




I broke for lunch around 1pm, only two hours after breakfast! LOL.


I heated up some chili from waaaay back. I freeze it in individual servings, and it makes it really easy to reheat for a quick meal.


I got a sweet craving soon after, and finished up the fruit cup from Sunday’s picnic. I ate all but the watermelon, which I don’t really like!


Still needing sugar, I found these Chocobillys buried in the pantry. I actually got them on the plane ride home from the Healthy Living Summit in Boston! I have no idea how they lasted this long.


Dinner was eaten cold, and in between classes. It looks so small, but I promise it was big and filling! I don’t mind eating cold food, but it’s annoying to shove it down my throat in 10 minutes or less!


Included in the mix:

  • 1.5 servings of pasta (I was hungry!)
  • about half a grilled chicken breast
  • broccoli
  • pesto



Blogger Secret Ingredient

Don’t forget to submit your entries for this week’s blogger secret ingredient! This week’s ingredient: ACORN SQUASH!

The entries I have so far look pretty yummy!!


Vote for Lindsey!


My dear friend (and freshman year roommate) Lindsey over at Sound Eats has been looking for a job for months. She spends all of her time applying for jobs and trying to get anything that will give her and her husband (a teacher) an extra source of income. The road has been tough for the job hunt, but Lindsey has managed to keep a really upbeat outlook on everything stating that she is enough and that something great will come along soon. Well, she has found that opportunity and she really needs everyone’s help.

Lindsey has applied to be the next Good Mood Blogger! I believe she is perfectly qualified for this position and already has so much experience with blogging and social media up her sleeve. She also has all of the time in the world right now to put into being a Good Mood Blogger !


Ok, It’s WAY late now. I need to get some sleep, but first a snack. My tummy is growling!!!!

❤ MegaNerd

Just A Big Kid

Sometimes, I wish I could go back to Kindergarten!

Remember nap time, recess, fun snacks, and no tests? That’s the life right there…oh and it sort of describes my afternoon!

I ate a big girl lunch of leftover chili with Kashi crackers. This chili recipe is so amazing. I’m usually not a huge fan of random combos, but this might have changed my whole outlook. No joke.


Later, I snacked on a pear while I studied for Environmental process design…(aka poop sanitation class).


I then proceeded to doze off at my desk for approx 2.5 hours. I accidently slept through my 6:00 class, and woke up around 6:30 pm. OOPS!!! 

Nap time! It’s funny how in Kindergarten I HATED nap time, but now I desperately wish I had it!! Oh the Irony.

After nap time, I made some ants on a log- celery, PB, and raisins. I wanted to keep with my elementary school theme.


Why don’t I make this more often? It’s actually quite yummy!


Oh, did I mention that I also rocked my youth choir t-shirt from 3rd grade today? It’s the softest most comfy thing ever. I love it!


For dinner, I wanted to use up the eggplant I bought the other day at the farmer’s market. I was REALLY craving carbs, and I was pretty hungry this afternoon so I went with pasta!


I cubed half an eggplant, and sauted it in a pan with a drizzle of EVOO  and minced garlic. I then added in a can of organic diced tomatoes. Meanwhile, Jason made some whole wheat thin spaghetti and grilled chicken on the George Foreman grill.


We made some extras to eat for leftovers this week! The meal combo turned out quite tasty!

Jason isn’t an eggplant fan, so he left that out of his, and used cheese instead. LOL. Typical Jason.


Even though I napped today, I’m still pretty tired. I think I need more than 6.5  hours of sleep at night, especially with all the running I do!  Maybe I will add snack breaks as well as nap and recess into my daily routine.

It’s been a good day.


What do you miss most about being a kid? I miss playing outside with the neighborhood kids, making obstacle courses, riding bikes, and going to dance class.

❤ MegaNerd

P.S. Dark chocolate Peanut m&m’s are addicting! 😀