October Grocery Shopping Trip I

At the start of the October Grocery Challenge, I headed to Publix (grocery store) to stock up on food for the week. (I actually cheated and already went shopping on Wednesday night, knowing I was going to start this challenge.)


My first bill came to $35.50.




Here’s what I was able to purchase:


IMG_0478 IMG_0480

Egg Beaters $ 1.67
Vegetarian Baked Beans $ 1.67
Progresso Soup (BOGO) $ 2.29
Libby Pumpkin (2 cans) $ 3.58
cheddar cheese $ 1.49
mozerella cheese $ 1.49
Baby Carrots (BOGO) $ 1.69
Publix Steam Veggies (3) $ 2.97
Green Grapes $ 3.70
Spinach $ 2.00
Hearts of Romaine $ 2.00
Sweet Potatoes $ 1.89
tomatoes $ 1.61
English muffins $ 1.50
Store Brand Cereal $ 2.45
Frozen pizza $ 5.00
  $ 37.00
coupons ($1.50)
Total Paid $ 35.50


Plus, because I bought mostly sale and buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) items, I saved $12.68!



My first two meals of the budget-conscious month weren’t too bad! I actually enjoyed both of them.


Breakfast was a bowl of store brand honey bunches of oats, or, Almonds and Oats.




I topped it with a banana that needed to be used up before going bad.




I was home for lunch today, so I made an english muffin pizza.




Along with a bowl of steamed vegetables. 🙂




So far, the challenge seems to be going well, but I’ve eaten both meals at home. The REAL challenge will be packing food to eat at work!


❤ MegaNerd

October Grocery Challenge

Hey, where did all my hard-earned money go?


I signed up for mint.com back in February as a way to track my income and expenses, but haven’t been making good use of it.




Mint is a free website for managing your personal money. Once you make an account, it automatically calculates how much you spend on every category, ranging from food, health, rent, shopping, clothing, auto, etc. It allows the user to set budgets for anything, and when you get close to going over your limit, it will send you an e-mail alert, or a text if you prefer. I also have "goals” set, including paying off my 2nd credit card.


Using Mint, I determined that I have been spending, on average, $271.72 a month on food.


Month Groceries Eating Out Total Spent
September $267.70 $46.16 $313.86
August $145.97 $84.63 $230.60
July $125.01 $99.47 $224.48
June $173.88 $144.07 $317.95


This summer my costs have been higher than I think they should be. I have been eating out way more than I did a year ago, granted my life is 100% different than it was. I don’t have my own apartment or kitchen anymore, and finding space to store and make food is difficult. it’s actually very rare that I am home during any mealtime. I usually wake up, head to work at 7:30am, leave around 2:00pm for my second job, and return home or go to the gym after 7:30pm. That makes for some long days!


In the month of October, I am challenging myself to only spend $150 on groceries and no more than $50 on eating out.  


I am going to be blogging all month about how I’m spending my dollars to update you all on the progress of the challenge! I plan to find inexpensive healthy meals to share with my readers, as well as get ideas from you!


Here are the rules:

  • Anything I already have in my pantry (a tiny little shelf) is fair game. Right now, that includes a box of cereal, a couple of bananas, 3 CLIF bars, pretzels, and a can of beans. In the fridge, all I have is mozzarella cheese sticks, a green pepper, and vanilla soymilk.
  • I am ONLY counting food items. If I purchase laundry detergent that does not count towards food.
  • Eating out has it’s own category for budgeting, but the whole point of this challenge is to spend less money, so I am going to keep the eating out category as low as possible.
  • Coffee from Starbucks and dates based around meals (like a nice dinner out, which is rare anyways) have their own category which I will discuss in a later post.


Does anyone want to join in on the grocery budget challenge?


❤ MegaNerd