Thank you all so much for being so supportive and understanding about my decision to cut back on blogging ! I think that doing so will relieve a bit of stress, especially during the middle of the day posts.

I get on a momentum with school work, and honestly, stopping to blog kills it. It is REALLY hard for me to re-focus once I get off track! Recognizing this was the first step!

I am going to try blogging twice a day, morning and night. It seems that most people like the daily eats, even if they are repetitive, along with recipes, running, and race recaps. Basically, what I was doing worked, but it was too often for my busy schedule.

With the marathon training now in full swing, I think having this blog as my training and fueling log are very useful tools for me! I will continue to blog these things, but I also want to add more topic-related stuff, like I did with my flax seed fun facts, my Skinny Bitch review, exercise demos, and recipes!


I feel like I haven’t blogged in forever!!

Upon waking up, I had half a White chocolate macadamia nut CLIF bar. Me likey this flavor!! 😀


I started my morning off meeting my lovely ladies for a 6 mile run! In order to fit this craziness in, we have to meet at 5:45 am. It’s barely light out by mile 4.0!!

We finished in 1 hour exactly! 😀

When I got back, I made a delicious and messy yogurt bowl.


The goods:

  • Warmed peach
  • plain yogurt
  • Kashi H2H
  • raspberries
  • flax


SOOOOO GOOD!! Here’s how to make the micro-waved peach breakfast!!



I am feeling 110% better! JasoNerd, however, has been home sick for two days. My bug is sick!!!

(oh wow, I totally just used my pet name for Jason in a public forum. As if me peeing my pants wasn’t embarrassing enough!?)

LOL… I seriously have no shame.


Happy Friday!


❤ MegaNerd