Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24

On Saturday night, I joined chefs Ryan and Lindsey for an International Affair Gone Vegan!



Thanks to Foodbuzz, these lovely ladies were selected to prepare a seven course vegan meal for other area bloggers to enjoy.


The Attendees:

  • Lindsey and her husband, Ross
  • Ryan and her boyfriend, Evan
  • Caitlin and her husband, Kristien
  • Angela and her husband, Eric
  • Me and my friend, Mark
  • Meghann
  • Ashley and her boyfriend, David
  • Katy W. and her husband, Lucas
  • Katy H. and her husband, Adam
  • Evan’s brother’s fiancee, Dana
  • Kelly and her boyfriend, Anthony




It was Mark’s first time at a “blogger event” so I warned him about the crowd and the fact that everyone would be camera/photo crazy. He didn’t seem to mind! (Note the fact that Mark is NOT wearing a helmet like in every other photo.) 




Bring on the food!


First Course: An Italian appetizer of Tomato Basil Bread Crostini with a Bruschetta consisting of tomato, basil, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, cannellini beans and a sweet balsamic reduction.




This may have been my favorite! I went back for seconds…




Second Course: An African Sweet Potato and Peanut Soup




I need this recipe, stat!




Third Course: A French vegan version of a Nicoise Salad.




It had green beans, potatoes, olives, and tempeh. This was the first time that I have had tempeh that I actually liked it! Maybe I cooked it wrong before?




Fourth Course: A simple palate cleanser of a Moroccan Mint Sorbet with coconut water, coconut milk, lime and fresh mint.




Fifth Course: Mexican Vegan Tamales with Masa and a Black Bean, Salsa Verde, Corn and Green Chiles Filling


DSC_0226 DSC_0225


Sixth Course: Jamaican Jerk Seitan with raw Plaintain Chips


(Somehow, I missed a picture of it.  I borrowed these two from Angela!)


Seventh Course: An All American, Vegan and Raw classic dessert of S’mores (Pure2Raw twins recipe!).




Then, a secret dessert came out… a birthday cake for Katy H!!




Lindsey made her top secret vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe in cake form. It was pretty epic!


Everyone seemed to have a great time! The boys chatted about homebrewing beer, and the girls discussed future marathons. Typical.




It was fun to finally meet Angela and her husband after reading her blog for quite a while.




Ashley brought Bondi Band samples for everyone to try. Mine says, “Will Run for Beer!” I can’t wait to try it out when it gets colder!


DSC_0223  DSC_0221DSC_0222


Thank you,  FOODBUZZ! And a big thank you to Ryan and Lindsey for sharing a wonderful vegan meal with us! Who knew that vegan food was so awesome!?




It was EPIC.


❤ MegaNerd