My brain is drawing a blank.


I can’t think of a single thing to type. Weird? Maybe this is a good thing. I can start fresh tomorrow with a clean slate!


Lunch was an old favorite of mine.


Classic meal, but never gets old.


Tomato soup + Roasted Carrot and Zucchini:


Grilled cheese sandwich:


…and two little Peanut butter cups for dessert.


This afternoon, I nibbled on a homemade pumpkin scone.


Before leaving for school, I had dinner part one: sweet potato with brown sugar and cinnamon.


By the time I got back, I was in need of dinner part two:


Vegetable and shrimp bowl: Peppers, broccoli, carrots, and water chestnuts. Topped with shrimp and sesame seeds.


Playing around with the camera…


Off to bed for me. It’s raining and I love the sound… perfect for sleeping.


❤ MegaNerd

Truly Hungry

For some freak reason I have been REALLY hungry today.


There’s no explanation. I haven’t been doing much the past four days, haven’t been running, and have barely been walking actually.

Sometimes, I think that my brain thinks I’m hungry… but the idea of something healthy, like an apple doesn’t sound good. Only chocolate, or whatever.

If I’m TRULY hungry, something healthy usually sounds WAY more appealing then something unhealthy.

That was the case today. I chose to honor my hunger. While I would like to (in theory) eat slightly less then when I’m running, my body doesn’t like that idea so much. It growled, and I listened!


It started off with being hungry way before lunch, even with green smoothie and a CLIF bar in my tummy. This brought back an old habit of mine:


Elevensies: The snack eaten right before your lunch when its either that or your arm. Don’t ask where it came from, it will just prove that I am a nerd.

Anyway… for elevensies… I had a honeycrisp apple. Nom nom.


Lunch was inspired by something I saw Lindsey come up with a few days ago. My mouth was watering just looking at her pictures.


I sautéed asparagus, zucchini, mushrooms, and chickpeas in a bit of EVOO and sprinkled them with some lemon pepper and garlic salt. Along with it, a serving of couscous, cooked in veggie broth for extra flavor. YUM!


I gobbled that stuff UP!

My afternoon snack was also larger than normal. Breakfast sized yogurt with 1 cup cereal, blueberries, and pomegranate. Me likes.


Two hours later… dinner numero uno:


But, don’t let those few fish fool you.

I definitely went back for a few more


Twice.  😀


Once I got to class, everything was going great. But that soon changed.

By the time 8:00 pm rolled around my stomach was like digesting itself. On my 5-minute break, I hobbled downstairs to get something from the vending machine, only to find that my friend who works at Chick-fil-a just got off work with a big bag of chicken sandwiches.

Two seconds of watching me hobble around and he gave me a free sandwich. SCORE!

I kid you not. It was delicious.

Unfortunately I have no picture, but I’m pretty darn sure that I was done with that sammie by 8:03 pm.

My tummy is finally happy.


Does anyone else have random unexplained hunger days? 

❤ MegaNerd

Prepping for Friday’s Long Run

I have been so busy, I almost forgot that I have a 16.0 mile run on the marathon training plan tomorrow!! YIKES!

Can you believe I’m already at 16.0 miles?!?! I cannot.


I spent the afternoon on campus, which meant packing snacks to keep me going.

Apple slices:


Protein Bar:


I didn’t plan on being on campus as long as I did, so when I got home I was STARVING! Dinner was the last third of my mellow mushroom mega-veggie pizza. Not as good 5 days later, but I ate every last bite.


Can you tell I’m breaking into the Halloween party candy stash? 😉

Reese’s cup x2:

IMG_1321 IMG_1322


I need to get to bed, Friday’s are officially my long run days!

If you have been wondering why Caitlin and I have been meeting on Friday’s to do our long runs instead of Saturday or Sunday, it’s honestly because it fits best into our schedules! I have Friday’s off school, and since JasoNerd (the boyfriend) works Mon-Sat, I like to have Sunday’s to spend with him!

When I trained for my first half marathon with BFF Debbie in 2007, we did our long runs on Tuesdays!!

As long as you get them in, and space them about a week apart (give or take a day) it really doesn’t matter!


In other news…

My sister, Brielle, is AWESOME at doing hair. A few people asked why she is able to visit for 3 weeks, and it’s because she just graduated high school in May, and starts hair school in January!

She trims my hair (I really don’t do anything to my hair other than cut it) and I love it! She colors her friends hair, cuts, etc.

This morning she braided my hair to keep my shortest layers out of my face. I think she called it the “Lauren Conrad Braid”.


She’s considering starting her own blog about hair/fashion/makeup stuff, and I think she should do it!

But then, I’m biased because I love her!

Who thinks Brielle should start a blog? ME!!

❤ MegaNerd