How to Pull an All-Nighter

I won’t even tell you how many times I have pulled all-nighters for back-to-back finals.


Tonight is no exception. I had a final Thursday night from 7-10pm, and another Friday morning from 7am-10am. That leaves approximately 9 hours between tests.

Had I been a diligent, awesome student with no life or other classes, I could have easily handled studying for both way ahead of time. However, that is just not the case.

I figured I would share some all-night study marathon tips with my bloggie friends and fellow students. Hopefully you won’t have to study all night… but at least I can provide you with some entertainment.


How to Pull An-All Nighter


Step 1: Get your junk done

Make an hour-by-hour schedule. This will keep you on task. Once the allotted time has passed. Move on. 


Lay out every thing you have to do. Study the hardest stuff first, while you are most awake. As the night wears on, move to easier topics.


Step 2: On for 50, off for 10

Schedule in 10 minute breaks every hour to do whatever you want- besides sleep. For instance, I wrote this post. Also, see step 3.



Step 3: Move Around and Pump Yourself Up

On those breaks I mentioned above, try dancing to a fun song, doing jumping jacks, changing chairs, walking around, whatever. Just don’t sit still for hours upon end or you WILL fall asleep.


It’s a dance party over here!!!


Step 4: Don’t get distracted

Turn off your cell phone (guilty), get off g-chat (guilty again), stop reading blogs (unless it’s this post), sign off Twitter/Facebook, and get to work! You didn’t stay up all night to stalk your friends, now did you? NO!!



Step 5: Get un-comfy

Do not sit on your bed, the couch, or lean against pillows. Don’t put your pajamas on just yet either. It will be really hard to study if all you can think about is sleeping.

It helps me to be a bit on the chilly side. Warmth=pillow=sleeeeeeep.


Step 6: Eat healthy food

My snack of choice is a good bowl of cereal.


No, it’s not ideal to be eating a midnight, 2am, and 4am snack. Hopefully, this is a one time deal.

No, you will not get fat from eating 3 extra snacks once in your life. Please nobody email me asking if I am scared of gaining weight… I don’t care about the 0.002 lbs I might possibly gain.

Your body needs energy to stay awake and think.


Eat up, kids.


Step 7: Skip the Coffee… if you can

I prefer to drink several large glasses of cold water. Not to be obnoxious, but doing this will leave you having  to pee alot, which makes you get up and move around.


Staying hydrated also helps brain cells to do their thing. (Ok, maybe I made that one up).


Step 8: Set an Alarm…

…just in case. I missed a Dynamics Test once that way. I fell asleep with my head in the book. I had to withdrawal when I woke up after the test was over… not a good story. 



Step 9: Think positively

Staying up all night sucks, especially to study. It’s important to keep a good attitude, and know that you can nap when it’s all over.

(Just looking at this post made me sleepy…)



Step 10: Ace it, Baby.

Watch the Sunrise…


…and go pass that test!!!



Good luck on your finals!


❤ MegaNerd


Disclaimer: Staying up all night is clearly not a healthy habit to get into. However, for the purposes of finals week, some things are just necessary. Like eating 16 CLIF bars in 7 days.

This post is intended for entertainment purposes only….and written between the hours of 1:30am and 3:45am. Sorry for the silliness. 😛