30 Days to a Stronger Core

Happy Saturday morning!


Unfortunately, I did not get to take pictures of Caitlin’s half marathon today. I will let you read more about that on her blog later.


I slept in a bit this morning, and it felt GREAT! I didn’t even need coffee this morning. Although, I might go back for some soon, just because I love it.





Quaker Squares have been on my brain for a week or so! This little brown sugar pieces of heaven somehow made it to my grocery cart last night, and I was DYING to dig in. As in.. I almost ate them for dinner last night instead of pizza!


I had 1.5 servings of the cereal, milk, and blueberries. YUM!


I have a day FULL of school stuff to get done. It helps to start my morning off with a great breakfast, a quick little workout.



Whittle My Middle


Angela over at Oh She Glows has a month long challenge to strengthen your core! I’m a couple days late jumping into the official “Whittle My Middle” challenge, but it’s better late than never!


The goal of this challenge is to do 6 – 10 minutes of abdominal exercises 5 days a week for a month. This is in addition to your regular cardio and healthy eating habits.


Running has consumed pretty much all of my exercising time, and I have recently realized I need to be doing more. I feel like this is a perfect time to develop a new habit!


My personal goal for this challenge is to basically just get into a routine of working my core. I’m very sporadic with strength training, especially my abs! I’m not really concerned with how my abs look, because honestly nobody ever sees them. I know that as a runner, the core is pretty important, and in my case, overlooked!


Before Pictures:

Side View:
Close up:
Front View:


Measurements: (Taken 11/13/2009)

Waist: 27.5”

Belly Button: 31”

Hips (fullest part) : 35.5”

Yes, I feel extremely awkward posting these pictures. I feel nekkid- I’m usually really modest…



**Disclaimer: I am posting these measurements and pictures ONLY to have something to compare my before self to my after self.


Is anyone else participating in Angela’s challenge?

❤ MegaNerd